Anti-corrosive resin

Following successful pilot projects with food manufacturers, Oxifree UK has launched its anti-corrosion product into the food manufacturing sector.

A protective resin for metallic components and moving parts, Oxifree promises significant operational savings, whilst offering a minimum five-fold life increase on bearings and even more impressive life extensions on non-rotating parts.

“Oxifree could save thousands of pounds in maintenance costs by stopping corrosion in its tracks,” comments Richard Woodward, operations manager of Oxifree UK. “Moisture ingress on electrical points can damage and reduce life expectancy, which generates substantial operational costs in replacement.”

Successfully deployed for clients including ABP and Meadow Vale, as well as in the sugar and alcohol industry, the product has been proven to prevent moisture and dust ingress and is now an official supplier for Kellogg’s UK.

Melted from a solid resin at 160°C in a polymelt unit, it is applied via a 15 metre heated hose as a single liquefied jet and can mould to complex structures to give complete and consistent coverage. The coating cools on impact, allowing the component to be returned to live operation within minutes of application.

Completely reusable, the coating can be melted again within the polymelt unit, which then filters any foreign particles, and due to its low VOC content (0.05 per cent), the material has no adverse ecological or environmental impact.

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