Training for Chilean workforce

Workers in Chile are to receive improved training in the agricultural and fresh fruit industry.

In addition, producers and processors will be able to take advantage of the tax exemption awarded by the Chilean government for training schemes.

Agrocap, the training division of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (ASOEX), has signed an agreement with BSI Inspectorate Chile to ensure that Agrocap’s members, which include companies such as Del Monte and Dole, will have access to accredited training schemes.

Ronald Bown, the ASOEX and Agrocap president said,“We are very pleased with what BSI Inspectorate can bring to the industry. The training concept will complement the other services that our members require such as product and system certification and product testing.

The Chilean fresh fruit industry has increased by more than six-fold over the past 20 years, and now exports over 200 million cases of fresh fruit per year. The interest in improved services is a response to the increased focus on safety and quality issues among consumers in the US and EU.

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