Britvic flat profits place focus on healthy drinks

Britvic has reported flat annual profits as health conscious consumers switch to juices, smoothies and mineral water. The company is now fighting back with a new print campaign aimed at parents to highlight its Robinson Fruit Shoots which contains no artificial flavours and colours. The preliminary results for the year ended 1 October 2006 reported […]


NUTRA NEWS: Greenpeace omega-3 claims attacked

Food scientists and milk processing professionals in Germany have joined forces to attack claims by the environmental organisation Greenpeace that organic yoghurts tend to have the highest contents of omega-3 fatty acids. “Completely false and confusing for the consumer, was the reaction of the leading independent food laboratory centre MUVA. Dr Gisela Runge, head scientific […]

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NUTRA NEWS: Yoghurt drink with life’sDHA

Italian yoghurt manufacturer Latteria Merano/Milchhof Meran has teamed up with Martek Biosciences Corporation to launch a new drinking yoghurt containing Martek’s flagship DHA omega-3 product, life’sDHA. Launched in Italy this autumn, the Mente Viva drink contains 50mg of the DHA omega-3 per 100g serving. Life’sDHA is from an all-natural, vegetarian algae source grown in a […]


Food joins Pharma in Denmark

FoodTech Scandinavia, the Danish technical trade fair, will change its name to FoodPharmaTech as of 2007. The fair takes place on 13-15 November 2007. The showcase, which has been held every two years at the Exhibition Centre in Herning, Denmark, has been going since 1997. “The reason for the change is that, in addition to […]


Givaudan to acquire Quest International

Swiss Givaudan has signed an agreement with ICI to acquire its fragrance and flavour business, Quest International, for £1.2 billion (£1.8bn). Quest will extend Givaudan’s leadership position in the strategic segments of the fragrance and flavour industry and Givaudan expects to achieve annual synergies of £94 million with full benefits to be realised after year […]

NUTRA NEWS: Wild doubles soy output

Three years after being acquired by Wild of Heidelberg, Germany, the Sojaland soy processing company in Schwerin, Germany is expanding production capacity and using new technology to improve the quality of its products. The soy boom that originated in the health food sector has expanded to include large areas of the food and beverage industry. […]


NUTRA NEWS: Prebiotics market to grow to £180m by 2010

As consumer awareness of the benefits of improving gut health continues to grow food and drinks manufacturers are seeking to fortify their products with prebiotics. Analysts are prediciting that the market will grow to £180m by 2010. Impending EU regulations on health claims are set to prohibit vague claims that a product can promote gut […]


FSA opens list on health claims

The Food Standards Agency is asking food businesses to submit health claims for consideration for inclusion on the European list of permitted health claims, which will be compiled under new European legislation. The new European Regulation aims to increase consumer protection with regards to nutrition and health claims made on food. Under the new legislation, […]


Turkey is best of British

Bernard Matthews Food Service has won Best Catering Product for its latest idea for school meals. The company’s British Turkey Breast Steak met with high praise from the independent panel for judges at the 2006 British Turkey Awards, The ‘top quality’ product was considered an extremely useful choice for caterers. The British Turkey Steak is […]

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Stork looks to sell off food division

Stork is looking to sell of parts of the company, including its food processing division. The proposed sell off, if it occurs, would mean the transfer of all contracts currently held by processors to the new owners. Stork’s food systems division currently accounts for 16% of the company’s net turnover. The division had a net […]


NUTRA NEWS: Blueberries are nature’s number one

Canadian Wild Blueberries have more of the antioxidant power than any other fruit or vegetable. Ranked number one for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, the definitive test of a food’s overall antioxidant power, studies attribute the extraordinary benefits of these small, sweet berries to anthocyanins, the pigments that give blueberries their distinctive colour. Anthocyanins are important […]


Avian flu poses no threat to cysteine supply

Avian flu poses a significant threat to the poultry stocks all over the world. Reports from Indonesia suggest that 200,000 birds are succumbing to the virus every month and infected poultry flocks have now been found in 27 of the country’s 33 provinces. The infection of poultry populations worldwide has important consequences for supplies of […]

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Croc meat on the menu

East Anglian farmer Andy Johnson is planning to set up a crocodile farm in the UK. Johnson, who already has several crocodiles for breeding stock, intends to produce and sell the crocodile meat in a farm shop in Cambridgeshire. He believes this will be the first commercial crocodile farm in the UK, and probably in […]

Britvic launches superfruit limited edition

Leading soft drinks company, Britvic, is bringing a brand new flavour to the fast-growing adult soft drinks category with the launch of a limited edition J2O Orange & Pomegranate flavour. J2O Orange & Pomegranate is the sixth flavour in the J2O suite and is set to further drive adult soft drinks sales over the crucial […]


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