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Don’t forget to put packaging to the test, says Campden BRI

As the spotlight continues to shine on retailers’ and manufacturers’ efforts to meet the environmental targets set out by phase two of the Courtauld Commitment, Campden BRI is urging companies to carry out stringent tests to ensure packaging is fit for purpose. “Courtauld Commitment 2 has moved the packaging waste issue away from solely weight-based […]


IFST reveals conference theme

Keeping control of allergens is the theme of this year’s Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) annual spring conference and AGM. Taking place on 7 and 8 April at Campden BRI, and organised by the IFST’s Midland branch, the event is open to all food professionals with an interest in this area, and will […]

2011 ‘the year of product benchmarking’

The next 12 months will see a substantial rise in the amount of food and drink product benchmarking, as companies bid to maintain a competitive edge and hold or build their market share, according to Campden BRI. The UK-based food and drink research organisation says it has seen demand for its product benchmarking services increase […]

Keep up to speed with microbiological analysis

 As rapid testing techniques become more widely used in food microbiology labs as part of the industry’s drive to produce faster, more accurate results, so new technologies and approaches for detection, enumeration and identification of microorganisms are being developed. In order to keep the food industry up to date on the latest developments, Campden BRI […]


Laboratory analysis under the microscope

UK-based food and drink research centre Campden BRI is undertaking a new research project which it says will help companies to improve the efficiency of their analytical testing operations. The project will help companies introduce test methods which can be undertaken on or close to the manufacturing line rather than in a separate laboratory, says […]

2010 will be a landmark year for food and drink sector management of green issues, predicts Campden BRI

The coming 12 months will be pivotal in setting the stage for food and drink industry environmental sustainability through the next decade and beyond, according to Campden BRI. A significant shift in the measurement and management of environmental impact is predicted by the research organisation. It suggests that as the sector continues to navigate this […]

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Welcome aboard!

We are delighted to announce that two of the biggest names in the food and drink industry have this month joined the Food & Drink Technology editorial advisory board. The first is Dr Steven Walker, the new director general of food and drink research organisation Campden BRI. He joined the business in 1987 and over […]

Industries link up to reduce food and drink waste

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) is leading a series of new industry partnerships in a bid to reduce food and drink product damage throughout the supply chain, and improve product quality. Commissioned as part of WRAP’s strategy to minimise food and drink waste, the new projects – including the development of new category-specific innovations […]

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