Acrylamide levels in food ‘largely unchanged’

EFSA’s latest report on acrylamide in food in 25 European countries reveals that levels remain largely unchanged. The report covers the monitoring period 2007-2010 and does not reveal any considerable change from the last report for the majority of the food categories assessed, says EFSA. However, since 2008 the number of results submitted to EFSA […]

EFSA set to deliver initial review on GM maize and herbicide

EFSA will next week deliver its preliminary review of a new study which states concerns over the potential toxicity of a herbicide containing glyphosate and of glyphosate-tolerant GM maize NK603. A multi-disciplinary task force set up by the Authority will analyse the paper by Séralini et al and publish an initial scientific review as the […]

EFSA boss welcomes findings of independent report

EFSA boss Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle has welcomed the findings of an external evaluation that say the safety authority ‘continues to demonstrate its value as the cornerstone of risk assessment for food and feed in the EU, and fulfil its obligations to operate in an independent manner’. However, the review also makes a number of recommendations on […]

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EFSA publishes health claims guidance

EFSA has published two additional guidance documents for applicants who want to submit health claims for approval in the EU. The latest guidance documents give advice on the scientific requirements for the substantiation of health claims related to functions of the nervous system, including psychological functions, and those related to physical performance. They are the […]

Fish freezing requirements relaxed

The Food Standards Agency has announced that certain farmed fish destined to be eaten raw in dishes like sushi no longer need to be frozen before use to protect consumers against parasites. Fish parasites are mainly a problem in certain species of wild fish and can cause illness in humans if eaten. All fishery products […]

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Call for new EFSA management board member

The European Commission has launched a call for a new member of the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) Management Board. The Commission is organising a selection procedure for one position of the 15-member board whose term will expire on 30 June 2014. A member of the authority’s management board has resigned and is to be […]


FSA welcomes EFSA poultry inspection opinion

The European Food Safety Authority’s recent scientific opinion on poultry meat inspection, which suggested that traditional inspection may not be enough to fully address the most relevant biological hazards to public health, has been welcomed by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). In 2010, the European Commission asked the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to […]

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Making a meal of health claims

A ‘mega-healthy’ airline meal that satisfies all 222 Article 13.1 newly approved health claims has been created by experts at Leatherhead Food Research. CEO Dr Paul Berryman challenged his team of scientific, regulatory and marketing experts to devise a meal that could make all 222 claims. “It wasn’t that simple, but we did it within […]


EFSA announces BPA re-evaluation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has started work on its new risk assessment of bisphenol A (BPA) used in food contact materials, focusing in particular, it says, on exposure of vulnerable groups. The new opinion will complement earlier scientific advice provided at the request of the European Commission. EFSA will review all the available […]


‘Reassess scientific criteria before rejecting Article 13.1 claims’

The scientific methodology for the assessment of article 13.1 health claims in the European Union should be changed for the sake of innovation, say three European trade associations. In joint comments submitted at the end of January on the final three batch opinions from EFSA and the risk management decisions taken on the basis of […]

Milestone for EFSA’s Scientific Committee

The members of EFSA’s Scientific Committee have concluded their 50th plenary session – a milestone in the Committee’s history since its creation in June 2003. Over the years, the Scientific Committee says it has addressed ‘many challenging areas of increasingly complex science’ and claims the anniversary meeting was no exception. New risk assessment approaches were […]

Health claims milestone

Scientists on EFSA’s NDA Panel say they have reached a major milestone in their work on health claims by publishing evaluations of the last group of ‘general function’ claims, excluding those related to botanical substances. The publication of the final series of 35 evaluations is the culmination of more than three years’ work by EFSA’s […]

EFSA publishes EColi report

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this week published its report into the possible source of the recent EColi O104 outbreaks in Germany and France. It concludes that a batch of fenugreek seeds, originally supplied from a company in Egypt to a German company, is the most likely link between the two outbreaks. However, evidence […]

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