Contamination prevention

A new Bulk-Out Bulk Bag Discharging Station from Flexicon prevents cross contamination during material changeovers, while eliminating downtime associated with cleaning of hoppers.


Here is your weekly round-up of processing news. If you have a news item you would like to submit for next week’s round-up, please contact Carly Wood at carly@bellpublishing.com. Linx Printing Technologies is making laser coding more accessible with the launch of the Linx SL1, an entry-level solution that enables more food and beverage companies […]

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Bulk bag filler

New from Flexicon is a stainless steel, sanitary Bulk Bag Filler that detects and separates metal as it fills bulk bags by weight, dust-free. The filler frame maximises strength, reduces cost and improves accessibility to bag hooks. It is equipped with an integral metal detector/separator that detects metal in the free-fall stream of material entering […]

Flexicon offers FLEXI-DISC line of Tubular Cable Conveyors for fragile materials

Flexicon is now offering its FLEXI-DISC line of Tubular Cable Conveyors for fragile materials, integrated with upstream and/or downstream equipment that sources material from single or multiple locations and delivers it selectively to storage vessels, filling machines or other processing equipment. Upstream equipment ranges from Inlet Hoppers and Metering Devices to Bulk Bag Dischargers, Drum/Box/Container […]

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Vacuum receiver with pneumatic dump valve

Flexicon has introduced a new Vacuum Receiver with a pneumatically-actuated dump valve for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Constructed of stainless steel, the vacuum receiver features a rugged, clamp-together design that facilitates rapid, tool-free disassembly for filter cleaning and maintenance. The modular design permits the addition of cylinder segments for increased holding volume. The flap-type dump valve is […]

Flexicon introduces 15cm tubular cable conveyor

Flexicon has expanded their Flexi-Disc line of Tubular Cable Conveyors with the addition of a 15cm diameter system, more than doubling the capacity of the company’s recently introduced 10 cm  diameter conveyor.   The conveyor is intended for the gentle transfer of friable materials including virtually all beans, cereals, coffees, dried fruits, frozen vegetables, grains, […]


Gentle-handling conveyor for fragile foods

Flexicon has unveiled its new Flexi-disc line of tubular cable conveyors, designed for the gentle transfer of friable food products. The conveyor moves material using high-strength polymer discs – affixed to a stainless steel or galvanised cable – that slide within smooth stainless steel tubing, moving fragile food products gently, quietly and dust-free, horizontally, vertically […]


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