Industrial Systems and installations for the production, conservation and stabilisation of liquid sour-dough « even with rye flour »

Sour-dough starter is a mix of flour and water left to rise spontaneously in open air for a certain period of time, during which the micro-organisms in the flour, water and air reproduce and ferment, re leasing compounds with excellent nutritional and aromatic qualities.

The traditional preparation of sour-dough (yeast-based starter) is quite a complex and delicate process influenced by environmental variability and the cleanliness of both the working environment and the equipment used. The experience, ability and skill of the baker are often not enough to guarantee the stability and effectiveness of the sour-dough in this fragile biological balance.

For years Agriflex have been designing and installing industrial systems for the production of liquid sourdough. These systems guarantee a product that respects the expected qualitative standards. The quality and consistency of the characteristics are guaranteed, because the chemical-physical parameters of the process (temperature, time and acidity) are controlled.

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