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Are you experiencing sleepless nights trying to keep cost, efficiency and productivity issues to a minimum? Perhaps you are you looking to: • Reduce overall energy consumption • Lower your plant’s carbon footprint • Reduce risk & maintain safe operations • Ensure consistent end-product quality • Raise the productivity of processes Let’s be honest, who isn’t interested in improving their operations in this way? Well there are multiple ways you can extend or improve your existing system – or even build a brand-new system, if needs be – to help you meet these goals. 1) Energy Measurement & Control: accurately and intelligently monitor and control energy to optimise your plant performance. Accurate measurement is the start point of any successful control scheme, including energy management. Precision flow meters and control systems and valves, for example, can help you achieve effective energy management, reduce risk and help ensure consistent product quality. 2) Energy Conservation: reducing the heat consumed by your process or application is vital to maximise the use of available energy. Condensate handling and water management solutions, including pre-treatment, can help you conserve energy. 3) Energy Transfer: precisely and effectively transferring heat between fluids and process media. There are many effective ways to deliver heat to your process or application, including high efficiency heat exchanger systems (such as our EasiHeat™), clean and pure steam generators, microturbines for pressure reduction and bespoke energy transfer solutions. 4) Energy Recovery: re-using your system’s waste energy after a heat transfer process. Effective heat recovery is one of the most important ways to reduce your fuel bills. Energy recovery solutions capture valuable energy in areas such as condensate, boiler blowdown, flash steam, effluent and hot exhaust gases. 5) Energy Storage: efficiently storing the excess or recovered energy from your process. You could be storing energy for use in your steam system or elsewhere to meet process demand as efficiently as possible. Systems like atmospheric and pressurised deaerators and steam accumulators help you to store energy effectively. 6) Energy Services: providing expertise, knowledge and training to run your steam and fluid systems at optimum efficiency and to mitigate risk. Expert steam services include designing, installing and commissioning plant, upgrading existing systems and proactive maintenance to optimise performance. Training for Success Instead of looking to third party suppliers for expertise, products and services, you may be focused on developing knowledge in-house to: • Maximise the efficiency of your steam systems • Increase steam safety • Optimise performance • Demonstrate competence & understanding Did you know that we offer courses suited to all levels of steam expertise, from ‘New to Steam’ through to ‘Specialist’? Many of these are even approved by professional bodies so you can be assured you’re receiving first-class training and, in some cases, even leave with a professional accreditation.

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