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These are all the posts that have been tagged with alcohol.

It’s all coming up caramel

According to market research, 2013 saw in the region of 26,000 new food and beverage products containing natural colours launched to the global market as part of the ‘clean label’ trend.

Peach collection for beverages

Sensient Flavors Beverage Europe’s new peach collection captures the authentic profiles of four popular varieties of peach: Yellow Peach, characterised by its fleshy and juicy notes and offering a taste profile with balanced sweetness and acidity; White Peach, which has subtle floral notes; White Donut Peach, which offers a fruity and ripe flavour with a […]

English firms plan to create 66,000 new jobs

Firms in England’s food and drink sector are planning to create tens of thousands of new jobs in the next five years, according to a new study by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking. The report Global Ambitions found an industry with soaring confidence and plans to invest, innovate, create new jobs and expand across the globe. […]

Amber filtered vodka is a first

Producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltics Latvijas Balzams (LB), in co-operation with Latvian scientists, has created the first amber filtered vodka – Amber Gold. Amber Gold is premium quality vodka with a mild taste that will be offered on the Baltic market as well as exported to other markets. The Baltic amber used in […]

Scotland reacts to Russian trade embargo

First minister Alex Salmond chaired a meeting of the Scottish Government Resilience Committee (SGoRR) this morning to discuss the impact of the immediate Russian trade embargo on food imports from the west. The ban on food products including fish and seafood, beef, pork, poultry, cured meats, sausages, milk and dairy products and fruit and vegetables […]

More than 400 colour shades from Exberry

It is no longer just price, taste and appearance that counts when consumers buy food and drink products. Most of them take a critical look at ingredient lists, and try to avoid additives and synthetic food colours. According to this ongoing consumer trend, food and beverage manufacturers are looking for a suitable alternative to additive […]

Analysing the global alcohol ingredients market

The global alcohol ingredients market, which covers flavours, colours and other ingredients for beers, spirits and wines, is expected to see steady growth despite the dominance of a few companies. While flavours remain the biggest segment in the market, strong growth is projected in the ‘other ingredients’ segment due to booming demand for yeast and […]

Treatt launches new tropical ConcenTreatt

Treatt, the global flavour ingredients specialist, is introducing a range of concentrated alcohol-based natural flavours to the food and beverage industry. The new ConcenTreatt ingredients offer high flavour intensity at low dosage levels and provide excellent solubility in water, meaning that the concentrates are particularly suited for use in clear drinks. The first products to […]

Limited edition J2O

Soft drinks manufacturer, Britvic Soft Drinks is bringing back its summer limited edition flavour, J2OPear Gold. The blend of pear and guava is available now. Last year 72% of consumers purchasing Pear Gold were completely new to J2O with repeat purchase rates well above average at 25%, according to Nielsen. An alternative to alcohol, J2O […]

Chr. Hansen launches range of Viniflora products

Chr Hansen is launching new range of Viniflora products for red wine producers reversing the classical scheme of fermentation management in wines. Production of red wine requires alcoholic fermentation where yeasts transform sugars into ethanol and some flavours. This is traditionally followed by the malolactic fermentation where lactic acid bacteria transform malic acid into lactic […]

DEL MONTE adds zest to its Occasions range

Premium fruit juice brand, Del Monte is re-launching its Occasions cocktail range in new packaging and adding a new Mango Margarita flavour to the range. The packs reflect the festive nature of these juice-based drinks and highlights how, unlike traditional cocktail mixers, they can be drunk either with or without alcohol. Occasions Margarita has mango as a base, which is […]

Sensient introduces five new flavours

Sensient Flavors Europe has introduced a new range of natural melon flavours.  The line includes five flavours in the most popular varieties of melon: Cantaloupe, Galia, Honeydew, Piel de Sapo and Watermelon. Using the Natural Origins extracts as a building block, they offer authentic sensory profiles and can be declared as natural flavourings. The new range […]

Women respond better to personalised packaging

According to new research by easyFairs, organisers of Packaging Innovation London 2014, women are four times as likely to be susceptible to personalised packaging. 43% of the 500 marketing and packaging professionals surveyed claimed that personalised or gender specific packaging is more likely to lead to a purchase with women than with men. The divide […]

Changing drinks habits across Europe

The latest report from market and shopper intelligence firm IRI reveals that changing drinking habits across Europe affected sales of drinks, including mineral water, last year. According to IRI’s Pulse Drinks Report (Q4 2013), total sales for non-alcoholic drinks across Europe was €43.6 million, a drop of 0.4%, with only the UK and France seeing […]