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These are all the posts that have been tagged with australia.

Halal and vegan sales increasing to 2020

Euromonitor International has launched the Ethical Labels database, responding to the growing movement towards sustainability, social responsibility and transparency on labels.

Super growth for super foods

Between 2011 and 2015 there was a 202% increase globally in the number of new food and drink products launched containing the terms ‘superfood’, ‘superfruit’ or ‘supergrain’, finds Mintel.

Carritech Research progresses with ColdBake technology

Carritech Research has developed ColdBake technology for producing new ranges of sweet and savoury ‘baked’ foods that are capable of carrying heat sensitive ingredients that provide health, nutrition and medicinal benefits.

High fibre pasta

The UK functional foods category is set for a new arrival in the shape of Vetta High Fibre Pasta.

UK remains largest cider market

A new Canadean report predicts that global consumption of cider will grow at around 5% annually, reaching more than three billion litres in 2020.

European roll out

British chocolate brand Seed and Bean has announced its largest European role out to date.

Results of DSM omega-3 survey

The number of people using omega-3 supplements has increased in certain European countries, according to a new study by DSM. The 2015 Global Consumer Usage & Attitude Study surveyed 11,000 shoppers across ten global markets, and provides insights to enable brand owners to tailor product messaging and reach specific target groups. Compared to a similar […]

Regulatory concern sees EU drop in digestive product launches

Following a tightening up of claims legislation, particularly in Europe, launches of functional and healthy foods which claim digestive or gut health benefits have suffered a setback in the EU. Over 3.2% of food and drinks launches recorded by Innova Market Insights carried digestive health claims of some kind in 2014, up from just 2.7% […]

Stevia missing a trick in confectionery

With ongoing concerns about health and the reduction of sugar in the diet, the sugar-free confectionery market should be booming. This is particularly in the face of ongoing technical developments that have improved sensory properties and the appearance of new sweeteners and other ingredients with a more natural image. Yet sugar-free lines accounted for less […]

UK cheese industry missing export opportunity

With cheese imports up 47% year-on-year during the first ten months of 2014, China is rapidly developing an appetite for cheese; however, the UK is failing to take advantage of this opportunity, according to market research firm CCM. China imported 56,028 tonnes of cheese between January and October 2014, which is substantially higher than the […]

Fanta Frozen comes to Europe

The Coca-Cola Company will roll out the global brand Fanta in a frozen carbonated format in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Denmark initially, with the support of European frozen drinks expert Slush Puppie. Further countries will follow at a later stage. Fanta sits among the biggest beverage brands in the world and Fanta Frozen […]

£530,000 funding for Moo Free

UK-based Moo Free Limited is to invest in new machinery and increase staff by 20% following £530,000 in funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial.