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These are all the posts that have been tagged with bacteria.

New sanitiser to boost food hygiene standards

A new water-based surface and utensil sanitiser offers UK food and drink processors an effective, safe, low cost and environmentally friendly means of maintaining hygiene standards, according to its manufacturer Radical. The Radical Water System uses naturally occurring biocides, generated by oxidation, to combat the harmful micro-organisms that can cause salmonella, listeria, e-coli and other […]

Reusable shopping bags ‘pose food safety risk’

Reusable food shopping bags and packages can contain a high level of bacteria, yeast, mould and coliform counts which pose a significant food safety risk, according to a new study from Sporometrics, an environmental microbiology lab based in Canada. Swab tests of reusable bags last November revealed a bacteria count of 1,800 colony-forming units, while […]

New discovery could lead to salmonella vaccine, say scientists

UK scientists have made a discovery which, they say, raises hopes of a potential vaccination against salmonella. Their revelation – that the food poisoning bug feeds on glucose – could also lead to vaccine strains to protect against other disease-causing bacteria, including superbugs, according to Dr Arthur Thompson from the Institute of Food Research. “This […]

New meat culture for cooked ham

Natural ingredients supplier Chr Hansen has launched a new meat culture for cooked ham. The Bactoferm CS-300 culture is also suitable for other cured and cooked meats as well as bacon and fermented sausages like salami.“The main advantage of the two selected bacterial strains used in this blend is their ability to provide a mild, […]

INGREDIENTS NEWS: Study backs new cranberry research

A new study has identified that the anti-adhesion mechanism in cranberry helps to prevent infections in the urinary tract. The study conducted in Massachusetts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute found that cranberry juice worked by changing the thermo- dynamic properties of bacteria common in urinary tract infections. The increase in surface free energy implies cranberries also […]

NUTRA NEWS: Prebiotics market to grow to £180m by 2010

As consumer awareness of the benefits of improving gut health continues to grow food and drinks manufacturers are seeking to fortify their products with prebiotics. Analysts are prediciting that the market will grow to £180m by 2010. Impending EU regulations on health claims are set to prohibit vague claims that a product can promote gut […]

Rare cheese in E. coli alert

A rare cheese was withdrawn from sale when environmental health experts identified unacceptable levels of the bacteria E. coli. The Italian cheese known as Taleggio, is only available in the UK from specialists IJ Mellis Cheesemongers. The company has three shops and a wholesaler’s in Edinburgh and one shop in Glasgow. Environmental health officers taking […]