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These are all the posts that have been tagged with environment.

ENVIRONMENT NEWS: Packaging on the wane

The grocery sector has ended packaging growth in the UK despite a sharp increase in sales. Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Britvic, Mars and Kellogg’s are significant brands working towards cutting food waste and packaging waste. The success is the result of the Courtauld Commitment – a voluntary agreement between WRAP, Defra, the Scottish and Welsh governments and […]

Growing success

In an era when consumers are demanding high quality local food and environmental and ecological issues are at the forefront, Swedish company Nimo-KG is enjoying rapid expansion. Nimo-KG develops and markets equipment for product handling for companies such as Nestle, Findus and Masterfoods. It assists these companies in handling, lifting, tipping and mixing a wide […]

Environmental achievements for seafood and drinks

Two food and drink manufacturers have made it through to this year’s finals of the prestigious Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards. The nominations, demonstrating the sector’s continually improving performance in the area, are for Young’s Seafood and Innocent Drinks. Young’s Seafood entry is its ‘Fish for Life’ project, which is dedicated […]

Wine industry lightens up

CO2 emissions have been cut by over 28,000 tonnes, equivalent to taking more than 8,500 cars off the road, as a result of industry programme GlassRite Wine. The project, funded by Waste & Resources Action Programme, has shown that bulk importing of wine into the UK and the use of lighter weight bottles can lead […]

Envirowise calls for collaboration on compliance

Food and drink manufacturers should focus on working with their supply chains in order to fully realise the opportunities presented by packaging minimisation, say sustainability experts Envirowise. As Defra announces tougher business targets for packaging recovery and recycling rates until 2010, companies need to increasingly assess the risks and opportunities of compliance for them and […]

ENVIRONMENT: Carbon footprint under scrutiny

Environmental consultancy ADAS is working with Defra and the Carbon Trust to monitor the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions created by the food supply chain. Every food product has an impact on the environment via its ‘carbon footprint’ which is calculated by measuring the GHG outputs at each stage of the food supply chain – from […]

NFU backs balanced report on biofuels

The NFU has given its backing to the conclusions of a recent Royal Society report on sustainable biofuels. The report calls on the Government to put policies in place that will ensure biofuels make the maximum contribution of which they are capable to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that they do not cause new environmental […]

EU Commissioner opposes his own expert authority

European Commissioner Starvos Dimas intends to refuse to authorise two genetically modified Bt maize lines, Bt11 and 1507, for cultivation in the EU. In doing this, he is overriding the expert scientific opinion of the European food safety commission (EFSA). While Dimas is justifying the decision on potential risks to the environment, ESFA claims that […]

Adnams launches Innovation beer

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer, has launched Innovation, a distinctive celebration beer. Innovation has been brewed to celebrate the completion of the new Adnams brewery and the steps it has taken to reduce its impact on the environment. The factory is highly energy efficient and features a heat condenser that recovers steam previously released into the […]

FOOD SAFETY:New guidance on contaimination

A new guide from the Campden & Chorleywood Food Association Research Group (CCFRA) will help companies in their manufacturing environment. The most significant is in the transfer of microbial contamination of ready to eat foods, which allows them to target control measures. ‘Ranking of cross contamination vectors of ready to eat foods: a practical approach’ […]

New product category win for Timestrip

Leading label company Timestrip was a finalist in the Best Product category at the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology Awards held recently. The annual awards luncheon, now in its 28th year, is a prestigious event for the food technology industry, attracting delegates from every sector of the industry. Timestrip’s smart labels were nominated for […]

Air freight ban is not the answer

A leading UK organic body has moved to distance itself from the Soil Association’s plans to ban the import of organic food by air. A leading UK organic body has moved to distance itself from the Soil Association’s plans to ban the import of organic food by air. Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), which was […]

One-stop-shop for environmental advice

A major national event to be held in February 2008 is set to show food and drink businesses the benefits of improving their environmental performance – and how to secure valuable cost savings as a result. Hosted by sustainable business experts Enviro-wise, the Food Environmental Efficiency Day (FEED) will provide firms in the food, drink […]

Happy hens lay low carbon eggs

Customers can do more for the environment without damaging their wallets. A company in Lincolnshire has come up with free-range Respectful Eggs which are produced on farms powered by carbon-neutral, renewable energy sources such as wind turnbines and solar panels. These methods are said to reduce the amounts of damaging carbon dioxide released into the […]