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These are all the posts that have been tagged with sugar.

Seeing red

Another week, and another proposed tax being tossed in the direction of the food industry.

Coca-Cola: Holidays are coming

Each year consumers eagerly await the ‘Holidays are coming’ TV advert from Coca-Cola which for some, signifies the ‘true’ beginning of the festive season.

Season’s eatings

Those of you who are already getting into the festive spirit might need to put that glass of egg nog down, as a new government policy is this week urging us to take more responsibility for our own health.

Let us eat cake

News this week is that France has adopted a bill declaring the use of titanium dioxide as a food colouring has been suspended.

Going nuts for zero sugar cola

This week I’m going to talk Coca-Cola, and its amazing array of zero sugar flavours – all launched since the announcement of the UK sugar levy.

DMK on reduced sugar and fat drive

Healthy and well-balanced diets have been a constant hit for many years. More consumers are paying attention to a health-conscious diet and increasingly resorting to products with as little sugar as possible.

Coca-Cola GB: Red is the new black

Coca-Cola Great Britain has revealed a new design for the Coca-Cola range featuring new look packaging for Coca-Cola original taste and Coca-Cola zero sugar.

Don’t play the blame game

This week, the Chair of Action on Sugar took a swipe at the food industry – blaming it for targeting the socially deprived with calorie-dense products.

New snack launch for Levi

Aimia Foods has announced the launch of Levi Roots Caribbean Snack Pots, and says it’s in response to consumer demand for ethnic foods.