Guilt-free indulgence

This week’s blog is coming to you from Cologne, Germany, where I am currently walking the halls of this year’s ProSweets and ISM trade fairs.

Extrusion brings ingredient production cost savings

Baker Perkins twin-screw extrusion technology can create significant savings in the production of core ingredients for the food industry. Typical examples include breadcrumb, croutons, gluten free bread products, modified and pre-gelatinised flours; rusk for sausage fillings; and ice cream inclusions. Compared with traditional processes, extrusion can bring significant savings in space, equipment, energy and labour; […]

Wrapping pancakes and blinis

In a move designed to increase efficiencies, reduce labour costs and ensure faster product changeover, Paramount Packaging has recently installed two additional Fuji Alpha VII box motion flow wrapping systems at long standing customer The Village Bakery in Wrexham, UK.

Popcorn inclusions

Kibbled toffee coated popcorn inclusions have been developed by Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) to bring a tasty twist to bakery products, a counterpoint to smooth ice cream and a crunch to beverages.

Biscuit production ramped up

GEA’s bakery technology companies, Comas and Imaforni, have built a complete line for the production of wire-cut and soft centre biscuits at Khong Guan’s factory.

September 2016

Product Focus: Bakery Ingredients: Emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners & gelling agents Packaging: Plastics; Wrapping Processing: Control & automation Show coverage: PPMA Total (27-29 September, Birmingham, UK)

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