Opportunity for healthy soft drinks

As global consumers’ attitudes towards soft drinks grow increasingly negative due to their high levels of sugar, calories and ‘artificial’ ingredients, new opportunities are arising for companies to diversify their portfolios, according to GlobalData.


Grab your coat

The Republic of Fish, a Norwegian manufacturer of fish based snack foods, produces a natural, handmade product called Havgull, made from arctic haddock.


Festive pots

Pots & Co, manufacturer of puddings baked in ceramic pots, has unveiled a new flavour, Spiced Apple & Ginger.

Winter gin

Gin brand Sibling has added a Winter Limited Edition flavour to its collection of premium gin, infused with cranberries and clementine peel.

Yuletide fudge

Confectioner Buttermilk is adding two new festive flavours to its Christmas range: Mince Pie Crumbly Fudge and Cranberry and Orange Smooth Fudge.

Eastern promise

EHL Ingredients has launched four new Asian herb and spice blends following the surge in popularity of Thai and Chinese dishes.

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