CIAA spotlight on reformulation progress

The actions being taken by Europe’s food manufacturers to reformulate food and drink products in order to improve their nutritional composition were highlighted at a recent multi-stakeholder debate hosted by the CIAA (Confederation of the food and drink industries of the EU). Independent researchers, industry representatives and policymakers joined forces to discuss both the successes […]


DuPont wins fight for Danisco

DuPont has won a five-month takeover fight for Danish food ingredient maker Danisco, after more than 92% of shareholders approved its £3.8 billion (€4.4bn) tender offer. The American chemical giant said it had received 92.2% of all Danisco shares, for which it offered 700 DKK apiece. “We are delighted that the tender has been successful […]

EFSA restructure underway

EFSA has begun rolling out its reorganisation programme in a bid, it says, to ‘make best use of resources to reflect an ever increasing workload, strengthen efficiency and provide a higher quality service to its clients’. The re-structuring will take place gradually throughout 2011 and will be completed by early 2012. EFSA says the move […]


Danisco unveils new weapon in war on cholesterol

Danisco says its new brand of sterols derived from a sustainable pine source is ‘a pure and effective way to keep the heart and arteries in shape’ by lowering levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood through a reduction in cholesterol absorption. According to the firm, PinVita is easy to formulate and provides food manufacturers […]


Spotlight on food labelling plans

Food labels should include mandatory nutritional information, including on artificial trans fats and the country of provenance, Environment Committee MEPs said this week. The committee amended draft EU legislation to ensure that labels are ‘legible, do not mislead, and provide the information that consumers need to make choices’. The draft legislation, voted at the second […]

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Positive outlook for Hi-maize

National Starch Food Innovation says it is delighted at at EFSA’s positive opinion on the benefits of type-2 resistant starch from high amylose maize (Hi-maize) in relation to health blood sugar levels. However, the company goes on to say that it is disappointed that a second claim for digestive health benefits was not accepted because […]


EFSA verdict on ‘general function’ health claims

EFSA’s Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) panel has published the outcome of the evaluations of a fourth series of ‘general function’ health claims proposed for use on food products. The 442 claims assessed relate to health relationships in such areas as: protection against oxidative damage to body cells, contribution to either cognitive or bowel […]


EFSA updates food irradiation advice

EFSA’s scientific experts have this week updated advice on the safety of irradiation of food – a process which can be used to destroy bacteria that cause food poisoning. Having looked at the efficacy and microbiological safety of the process, and possible risks arising from the formation of several chemical substances as a result of […]


Sports nutrition brands ‘must widen product appeal’

Sports nutrition food and drink brands have the potential for tremendous growth if they can encourage mass consumption by widening the appeal of their products, says a new report from market analyst Datamonitor. It reveals that although sports nutrition brands have already made progress in the mainstream market, there is room for further growth as […]

Microflakes ‘designed to deliver chocolate flavour and colour’

ADM Cocoa International has launched deZaan Chocolate Microflakes, which it says will allow manufacturers ‘to capture the indulgence of real chocolate in a convenient, dispersible powder form’. The microflakes have been designed to deliver the flavour and colour of real chocolate to ice creams, dairy desserts, drinks and confiseur chocolates. “Formulated to disperse and dissolve […]


Fish and shellfish safety research plan

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Scotland is commissioning five pieces of research that it says will help gather evidence to improve the hygiene standards of fish and shellfish consumed in Scotland. The areas of research are to include a review of the processes in place throughout the processing chain that are designed to control […]

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Cancer concern over recycled cereal boxes

Leading food manufacturers are changing their packaging because of health concerns about boxes made from recycled cardboard. Researchers found toxic chemicals from recycled newspapers had contaminated food sold in many cardboard cartons. The chemicals, known as mineral oils, come from printing inks. Cereal firm Jordans has stopped using recycled cardboard and other firms are to […]

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Nutrition for Life funding up for grabs

The Technology Strategy Board, together with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) has announced a planned investment of up to £6.25 million (€7.24m) to stimulate innovation in the food and drink sector. The investment is intended to encourage the […]

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