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Roha takes a strategic step in Europe by acquiring Essential SRL in Italy

Roha, one of the leading global manufacturers in the food colours segment, has announced the acquisition of Italy based Essential SRL, a leading manufacturer of Plant and Fruits based natural colouring and flavouring ingredients. This is a strategic shift towards diversification into the fast evolving industry for extracts which has clearly shown being the trend […]

Döhler expands yellow natural food colour range

Döhler has extended its spectrum of the Crystal Clear Colours range with a new soft yellow shade alongside the vibrant orange and yellow tones. The company notes that previously, the only way to achieve a ‘warm orange’, ‘shining yellow’ or ‘soft yellow’ in clear beverages without affecting the taste and stability was by using artificial […]

Sensient launched new clean label colour shades

Sensient Food Colors Europe has extended its Cardea range with a wider choice of bright new colour shades. The Cardea product line is completely composed of natural ingredients and concentrates meeting growing clean labelling demands and fits with the new EU guidance notes on colouring food. The range includes raw materials processed with proprietary technologies […]

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New raw material for pink/violet shades

Wild Flavours has introduced a new raw material as a source for the pink/violet shade – the purple sweet potato. With the purple sweet potato containing anthocyanin, Wild can now provide a broader range of purple shades to meet the food and beverages industries’ demand for natural colours. Wild is always looking for new resources […]

Vitiva opens doors to innovation centre

Growing customer demand for the development of joint product applications has led to Vitiva opening a new innovation centre in Slovenia. The ingredients firm says the move will also mean the expansion of its R&D team and capabilities, lab applications and customer services. The innovation centre includes pilot facilities for meat, bakery, ice cream, dairy, […]

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