Survey reveals parents’ views on low sugar foods

A survey carried out by parenting website Netmums and the international authority for sugar claims on foods Sugarwise has revealed that 80% of parents regularly look for low or no sugar products for their family, yet 30% of parents say they are unable to find these products in store.

Cheesecake pieces

Supplied frozen, Pecan Deluxe Candy’s new cheesecake pieces are created from natural, clean label ingredients and provide both new flavour and texture opportunities across multiple applications.

Leak detection

Ishida’s AirScan inline system for detecting leaks in MAP packs has greatly enhanced the quality control procedures, as well as reducing labour costs, for a new snack product from M-Back in Germany, which is being produced for dairy giant Meggle.

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German consumers indulge

Despite the German economy growing, value conscious German consumers remain on the lookout for the best deals in bakery and cereals, according to a new report from Canadean.

Ready meals market benefits from new ingredients

According to a new Canadean report, consumers seek products that suit their hectic lifestyles, influencing $314 billion of food and beverage consumption in 2013. Parents, those with busy jobs and young urbanites without traditional cooking skills are most likely to look for fast and convenient food preparation. Urban males between the age of 16 and […]

Curry pastries

Pastry manufacturer Peter’s Food Service, based in South Wales, UK, has struck a licensing deal with Asian cuisine brand Sharwood’s to launch a new range of Sharwood’s chilled pastry bakes. Working in partnership with Sharwood’s brand owner Premier Foods, Peter’s will manufacture, market and sell a new range of naan-shaped pastry bakes flavoured with Sharwood’s […]


New topping adhesion solution from Kampffmeyer Food Innovation

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation is launching Gecko Ultra, a new solution to ensuring that seeds, kernels and other decorative toppings remain safely attached to dough pieces. Gecko Ultra is a granulate that is mixed with 10 parts water. The resulting suspension can be applied automatically via a roller, spray or immersion system, or can be brushed […]


Dawn gets fruity with new fillings range

As part of its major American Bakery Campaign 2014, Dawn Foods has extended its range of fillings and toppings with a selection of ready to use fruit fillings featuring real whole fruit, developed especially for the UK and Irish bakery markets. Dawn’s new fillings are available in seven flavours – blueberry, raspberry, black cherry, red […]


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