Survey reveals parents’ views on low sugar foods

A survey carried out by parenting website Netmums and the international authority for sugar claims on foods Sugarwise has revealed that 80% of parents regularly look for low or no sugar products for their family, yet 30% of parents say they are unable to find these products in store.

Powdered sugar alternative

Earlier this year, Omega Ingredients launched liquid natural sugar alternative ΩMegaSweet. Following this, the company has unveiled a powdered version.

Indulgent sharing mousse

Lactalis Nestlé, the UK fresh dairy products venture, has launched Aero Heavenly – a mousse in a large, shareable pot, with hopes to innovate and boost the chilled desserts category.

Sticky food weigher

Aja, working with its automation partners, has designed and supplied a bespoke packing line for a major UK ready meal producer to weigh-pack fresh pasta with sauce.

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