Sizzlin’ success for Snowbird

For the second year in succession, Snowbird foods has struck gold with its sausages. Entering cooked and frozen sausages in the British Pig Executive competition for the best of British sausage, Snowbird won gold in the class for traditional pork sausages with its innovative Lincolnshire sausage. The same sausage struck silver in the classes for […]


October 2011

Rattys’s reflections Industry stalwart Richard Ratcliffe offers an inimitable view on an array of industry topics. This month, it’s sausages… The eyes have it In a never-ending quest for commercial success, product benchmarking and consumer research have never been more important. Janetta Hylands, of Campden BRI explains. Spicing up school dinners Herb and spice company […]

Price crisis for pig producers

Ten per cent of UK pig producers say they may be forced to quit by Christmas, according to the National Pig Association (NPA). As a result, it says that around 1.5m rashers of British bacon a week look likely to disappear from supermarket shelves, while 2.3m sausages a week are also at risk of disappearing. […]

Cutting the mustard

Sliceable sauces are the latest concept from Frutarom Savory Solutions. The firm says its new gelatin-based stabilising compounds cause dips, ketchup and mustard to become firm and sliceable, allowing them to be incorporated into meat and sausages. There are three variants of the new condiment compounds available – sliceable ketchup, sliceable mustard and sliceable basis […]

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Scientists discover natural preservative

Scientists have discovered a natural preservative that they say is capable of destroying bacteria, including E.coli and listeria, and could spell the end for rotting food. There would also be no need to refrigerate produce treated with the preservative, called bisin. Ready meals, opened wine and fresh salad dressing could also be safely consumed long […]


Snowbird in ‘single source’ sausage relaunch

Snowbird foods is relaunching its Gourmet range of sausages using outdoor bred, single source pig meat to ‘guarantee high quality, absolute consistency and total traceability’. According to the London-based firm, it’s the first time such a scheme has been undertaken in the UK by a manufacturer of fully cooked and frozen sausages A specific breed […]


Higher price hopes for Cumberland sausage makers

Cumberland sausage has been successful in its bid to be made only in Cumbria, following an EU ruling that comes into force this month. It now ranks alongside the likes of Champagne, Parma ham and Greek feta cheese in having Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status under EU law. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural […]


New meat culture for cooked ham

Natural ingredients supplier Chr Hansen has launched a new meat culture for cooked ham. The Bactoferm CS-300 culture is also suitable for other cured and cooked meats as well as bacon and fermented sausages like salami.“The main advantage of the two selected bacterial strains used in this blend is their ability to provide a mild, […]


INGREDIENTS: Emulsion technology makes meat healthier

Dow Wolff Cellulosics recently introduced a new food system emulsion technology as a result of the work of its Food and Nutrition team. The new formulating process allows meat formulators to develop healthier products by reducing the overall fat content. By creating a mixture of food gums and oils, such as canola or olive, the […]


Glendale Frozen Foods links up with Supreme Sausages

Salford-based Glendale Frozen Foods, best known for its Yankee retail microwave products and Concepts foodservice arm, has merged with sausage production specialist, Supreme Foods, assuring the future of both organisations and paving the way for business expansion, with an immediate capital investment of £1 million. Both companies already operate from the same Cobden Street site […]

Japan approves natamycin

DSM Food Specialties has announced Japan’s approval of natamycin, an antimycotic used in cheese and meat production. Natamycin is said to be a highly effective inhibitor of mould and yeast on food products and is approved for use in the European Union, South America and the US. Roger Reichrath, business manager preservation, DSM Dairy ingredients, […]

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