Thirst for new dairy-free drink ingredients

While soy milk may continue to dominate the growing global dairy-free market, there are signs that newer alternatives are emerging into the mainstream grocery sector, according to the Innova Database. They include rice, oats and, more recently, almonds. Dairy alternative drinks launches recorded on the database reached over 600 in 2010, with almond milks and […]


Palsgaard invests in new emulsifier facility

Danish food ingredients supplier Palsgaard has revealed that it’s to build an emulsifier factory in Asia. “Preliminary investigations and negotiations are now at such an advanced stage that we feel comfortable to announce our plans,” says company chairman Birger Brix. “In order to satisfy the increasing needs and demands of our customers for high quality […]


Solbar splashes out on US market

Solbar Industries has announced that its subsidiary, Solbar USA, has completed the acquisition of the Green Planet Farms plant to produce soy protein isolates in Nebraska, USA, for approximately £4.89 million (€5.6m). The Green Planet Farms plant, which specialises in production of soy processing, was built in 2008 and includes new assembly lines and modern […]


New edible oil star

Latest news from Innova Market Insights reveals that, when it comes to edible oils, a new star may be emerging. According to the market research company, in the 12 months to March 2010, nearly 1,000 edible oils were launched, the majority of which were standards such as olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil and blended […]

GM soya approval but warning lights for animal feed shortage

The Agricultural Industries Confederation has welcomed the approval of a new genetically modified (GM) soya as a step in the right direction, but remains concerned about future shortages of protein for animal feed in the European Union. The leading voice for the UK’s agricultural supply industry has echoed the concerns of the European Feed Manufacturers […]

Unilever opens drinks centre of excellence

Unilever, the world’s biggest tea company, has opened its global R&D Centre for drinks at Colworth Science Park in the UK. This technology centre will focus on developing products for all Unilever’s brands such as Lipton, PG Tips, Flora and Slim-Fast. The centre employs 90 scientists and specialists from 15 countries and brings together all […]


NUTRA NEWS: Wild doubles soy output

Three years after being acquired by Wild of Heidelberg, Germany, the Sojaland soy processing company in Schwerin, Germany is expanding production capacity and using new technology to improve the quality of its products. The soy boom that originated in the health food sector has expanded to include large areas of the food and beverage industry. […]


NUTRA NEWS: Tasters prefer soya milk with Aquamin

Recent tests by the Independent Sensory Services demonstrated the benefits of Aquamin, a natural multi-mineral complex from Marigot, as a source of additional mineral fortification in soya drinks. When compared to drinks fortified with calcium carbonate or tri-calcium phosphate, results showed that the beverage containing Aquamin offered improved taste and texture, as well as reduced […]


Firms face challenge from health food fads

The current consumer enthusiasm for healthier eating is creating a challenge for food companies. According to a new report from JPMorgan, firms are unsure whether to continue with high margin products that are not deemed so healthy as the narrow margin wellness foods. A research report entitled Obesity: Re-shaping the food industry, says that profitability […]

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Coca-Cola goes green

The Coca-Cola Company has released its third annual report on the environment detailing gains in water, packaging and energy efficiency. The 2004 study details progress in company and bottler operations that improved water use ratios, increased energy efficiency and improved recycling efforts. “This report shows that we are serious about our commitment to the environment, […]

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