2015 will see end of UK wine recession

The downturn in UK wine drinking – which has seen a 10.5% per capita drop since 2008 – will end this year, forecasts Vinexpo, the wine and spirits exhibition. The data, prepared for Vinexpo by the IWSR, shows adult wine consumption will start to edge up over the next five years. However, wine drinking will […]

Craft and fusion are next steps for cider brands

While the cider market has undergone a revolution over the last two decades, consumers reportedly still see cider as a beverage they only turn to occasionally. As such, manufacturers need to do more to enhance the appeal of cider in the UK – and craft production and sensory fusion is believed to be the way […]

Canadean’s trends for 2015

As the end of 2014 draws near, Canadean has forecasted the top trends which it believes will influence consumer behaviour in 2015, along with an insight into how manufacturers and marketers can target these evolving consumer needs to drive sales over the next year. They are: From mass produced to personalised – Canadean predicts that the […]

Beverage stabilisation

Porvair Filtration Group has developed Stabifil, a polyphenol removal product that optimises beverage processes, lowers capital costs and offers fast flow rates. It also benefits from no loss of loose polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVPP) powder with its potential to create long-term maintenance and health and safety issues. The product uses Porvair’s patented technology of co-sintering PVPP powder […]

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‘Leading by example’

Alice Cadman was recently appointed head of business development and marketing at 
Leatherhead Food Research. Here, she explains why the food industry must continue to improve its understanding of the more distant and less sustainable aspects of the food supply chain…

Analysing the global alcohol ingredients market

The global alcohol ingredients market, which covers flavours, colours and other ingredients for beers, spirits and wines, is expected to see steady growth despite the dominance of a few companies. While flavours remain the biggest segment in the market, strong growth is projected in the ‘other ingredients’ segment due to booming demand for yeast and […]

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Chr. Hansen launches range of Viniflora products

Chr Hansen is launching new range of Viniflora products for red wine producers reversing the classical scheme of fermentation management in wines. Production of red wine requires alcoholic fermentation where yeasts transform sugars into ethanol and some flavours. This is traditionally followed by the malolactic fermentation where lactic acid bacteria transform malic acid into lactic […]

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Brewers set to benefit from disposable PET kegs

Brewers could make significant financial savings, improve operational flexibility and reduce their environmental impact simply by switching from re-usable steel kegs to non-returnable PET kegs, according to an independent analysis commissioned by Petainer. The analysis, carried out by leading supply chain expert Axel Hartwig of Sauer & Hartwig Technologie, compared multiple aspects of the use […]

Soft drink sales top £10bn for the first time

Sales of soft drinks have risen by 2% and total market value for this category has topped the £10 billion mark for the first time.   According to the Britvic Soft Drinks Review, sift drinks generated value sales in the leisure channel of more than £2.8 billion. Despite the decline seen immediately after the recession, […]

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