Beer loses out to wine

Overall consumption of alcoholic drinks among the senior population is forecast to drop 42% to one billion litres by 2010 as consumers are switching from beer to spirits and wine. Overall consumption of beer is forecast to halve by 2010 in favour of the preference for stronger drinks. Pure alcohol is set to rise by […]

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Majestic sales lift alcohol drift

Wine warehouse chain Majestic’s New World wines have lifted sales, despite the state of the alcohol retail sector which has 4.7% of companies in liquidation. Majestic has reported a 10% rise in pre-tax profits to £14.5 million and a 6% increase in turnover to £172.2 million. Matthew Debbage, head of product and marketing at ICC […]


Red wine recommended to protect against deafness

New research reported in the New Scientist has found that age-related deafness or hearing loss caused by loud noise or antibiotics could be reduced by antioxidants found in red wine, green tea and aspirin. Delicate hairs in the inner ear, vital for hearing, can be damaged by oxygen free radicals. These can be produced through […]

Wine drinkers look at the label

Research by a Chilean wine brand reveals that nearly half of the UK’s wine drinkers are likely to base their choice of wine on the look of the bottle. The Viña Ventisquero winery, which authorised the study for its Chilean Yali brand, says UK consumers are often overwhelmed with the choice of wines available and […]


Halewood splashes out on fortified wines

Emva and Eldorado fortified wines have been sold to Halewood International, for undisclosed amounts. Emva is a full-bodied, rich wine from a sixth generation winery in Cyprus. Produced from black Mavro and white Xiniseri grapes, it is matured for three years in oak barrels. Already stocked by several major supermarkets, the Emva brand will be […]

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