Basket case

I’m still trying to get my head around a story this week that an Asda store in Cambridge has had to order more shopping baskets, as customers are waltzing off with them rather than pay 9p for a bag. You couldn’t make it up.

“We would ask that the small number of customers who are taking our baskets home with them use their bags for life instead,” says a spokesman for the store.

Not sure that rather ineffectual plea is going to prick the conscience of the culprits – all total basket cases, obviously!

Since the plastic bag tax was introduced, usage has dropped by a whopping 85 per cent. Great news indeed. But surely one plastic bag is one too many (as is one stolen basket!)

Remember, too, that every bag – be it paper, plastic or reusable – has an environmental impact.

So rather than charge customers for bags, surely we should be seeing a return to the days when supermarkets rewarded them for the number they reused when shopping.

Or, like the baskets, am I just getting carried away?

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