Chocs away

Barry Callebaut’s heralding of a next generation food and drink category following the unveiling of a new formulation will be something to behold.

Feeding the future

The food and beverage industry is changing – that much is clear. The relationship between consumers and their food is changing too. Driving forces behind the shift include climate change, digitalisation, as well as health-focused consumers.

The future’s bright

I’m currently on my way to learn more about the value of food manufacturing for British innovation.

Hand in hand

Pressure to address sustainability and waste in the food sector grows by the day. The world is currently wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of the food produced for human consumption every year.

Worming their way into our diets

Insects are already a valued source of nourishment for two billion people. Around 80% of the world’s nations eat insects; approximately 1,700 are edible.

The bottom line

Back in the office after the sunniest of Bank Holidays and it’s with a bleary-eyed view that I read that British consumers care more about how healthy their food and drinks are compared to five years ago.

Food for thought

The government is inviting farmers and the public to have their say on a planned shake-up of the UK’s food industry.

A green wind

The emergence of the US-based first CBD internet marketplace should come as no surprise. CBD is experiencing explosive growth, and a green wind has been blowing in the online world for some time now.

Stepping up to the plate

According to a report produced by WRAP, around 3.6 million tonnes of food surplus and waste occur in primary production every year, worth some £1.2 billion. Wow.

The lo- point is a turning point

This week sees the opening of the UK’s first no- and low-alcohol pub (in London). These moves highlight the changes in drinking habits that statistics show have been evolving for some time.

The missing link

Food provenance business Happerley’s plans to create an epicentre of food transparency in England has been a long time coming.

A novel mix

Consumers have a thirst for novelty and drinks companies are scrambling to slake it.

Well, well, well

Now that wellness has made the transition from idealistic to realistic, and has ingrained itself as an option for consumers’ well-being, companies are seeing this translate into noticeable effects on their bottom line.

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