Problem solved?

Well, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has brokered a UK-EU agreement intended to make trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland flow more easily. The food and drink industry’s representatives have been understandably cautious.

Meat’s moment

More than a million fewer households bought meat-free products this January compared to last year.

Meating a path to poor food choices

New research from Red Tractor and YouGov has revealed that families with young children (aged 11 years and under) are most affected by the cost of food and are cutting back on fruit, vegetables, and meat as a result.

Meeting consumer needs

Euromonitor’s annual report aims to help organisations stay ahead of disruption, predict consumer shopping motivations and fulfil unmet consumer needs. What can it mean for the food and beverage industry?

Feasting during Veganuary

Veganuary has gained momentum since it started in 2014 and is certain to continue getting consumers to consider their eating habits more closely.

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