No beefing around

Cargill has the nous, the heft/scale, ingredients and R&D to make the move into meatless an interesting one going forward.

Bottling up sustainability

Britvic joins a growing number of companies around the world in sectors ranging from chemicals to industrials to food and agriculture tapping into a growing market for green capital.

Not sweet enough

Consumers want less sugar — as long as what they’re eating still tastes good. They want to eat healthier in general, and they’re adapting their shopping habits to meet this goal.

Sweet moments

Just yesterday I came back from from Cologne, Germany, after visiting ProSweets and ISM. The four-day exhibition held at Kolnmesse is a sight to behold  –  with over 1,700 exhibitors and over 70 countries. You see the most effective pairings across the halls: people and places, companies and stories, tastes and end-products. Innovative food is […]

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Sweets of gold

The time has come for us to visit the supplier trade fair of the sweets and snacks industry, ProSweets Cologne. We’re expecting a variety of ingredients, the latest machines and materials alongside innovative production technologies Thanks to the themes of quality, efficiency and sustainability, plenty of exhibitors will demonstrate traditional processes such as wrapping to […]

Enough for all

A study led by researchers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) now suggests a comprehensive solution package for feeding 10 billion people within our planet’s environmental boundaries. Supplying a sufficient and healthy diet for every person whilst keeping our biosphere largely intact will require no less than a “technological and socio-cultural U-turn”. […]

Packing it in

We need to get more creative in our thinking when choosing what goes into kids’ lunch boxes.

2020 Upcoming Trends

As the new year gets underway, it’s a good time to look ahead and think about what the future holds for the food and drink world.

Taking a lead

“This is not about scale. This is about first mover advantage to redefine our industry.” So says IFF CEO Andreas Fibig of the potential merger between IFF and DuPont’s nutrition and biosciences (N&B) business.

Mind over munch

Professor Alan Kelly, take a bow. The food scientist and technologist, at the University College Cork, says the demonisation of processing promotes misunderstanding and mistrust of the ways in which science and manufacturing actually make food better for us.

Lean, green and healthy

Today marks the start of Food Ingredients Europe 2019, the pre-eminent exhibition for new ingredients, technologies, and the challenges and trends that affect the industry.

Planting the seed

Perhaps it is only fitting that in World Vegan Month, The Future of Your Health report finds that while veganism continues to be increasingly popular, it’s still a highly debated topic.

Nature, nurture and technology

Today I’m at Food Matters Live, and one very interesting presentation from Henry Dimbleby, head of the national food strategy, outlined the history of this country’s problem with food production and waste.

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