The case for 2024

Businesses will needs some key focal points to give themselves a platform for success.

Let the festivities begin

It’s Christmas week – Christmas gives everyone a moment to just relax, to forget about work, meet friends and look forward to the year ahead.

Boosting productivity

Manufacturers need government to adapt now and invest in their long-term plans for the future.

Unpacking Christmas

With the clock ticking down to Christmas, it’s comforting to read that Britons are planning on ending the year spending on treats.

PBWE: where next for plant-based?

The most vegan-friendly city in the world had Plant Based World Expo Europe bring a range delicacies from across the globe – what does this mean for the plant-based sector?

Set in

A meaty conversation

The potential benefits of alternative proteins are enormous – but can they fully deliver on that promise?

Healthy affair

The industrial baker has opportunities to fulfil the increased demands for healthier in-home and on-the-go baked goods.

Sweet optimism

Action on Sugar believes it is time to address supply and demand in an integrated way, freeing up land for the production of nutritious food. Can industry accept this change?

Playing the maths card

Can we face our ability to sustainably nourish an increasing global population without exceeding the capacity of the planet? The IFST Lecture 2023 set out to tell us what’s possible.

Food and Drink Technology