Milking it

Success in plant-based dairy boils down to listening to consumers and consumer education, as I find out by speaking to Sophie Davodeau, innovation director for sweet goods and dairy EAME at Givaudan.

Staying alive – online

Online is certainly where we’re at currently, whether that’s with shoppers trying online for the first time or those now accustomed to its convenience.

Getting the message

Many nutrition campaigns using individually-targeted health information may may not be taking the best approach in creating real change, according to new research.

Obesity: no easy answer

Obesity is complex. Having been more active over the last few months you realise the body’s cleverness – the way it uses and stores energy, and the interplay between genetics, hormones, the environmental and behavioural factors that contribute to one’s weight.

Oh, were it just about energy balance, ie calories in/calories out.

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