Stepping up to the plate

According to a report produced by WRAP, around 3.6 million tonnes of food surplus and waste occur in primary production every year, worth some £1.2 billion. Wow.

The lo- point is a turning point

This week sees the opening of the UK’s first no- and low-alcohol pub (in London). These moves highlight the changes in drinking habits that statistics show have been evolving for some time.

The missing link

Food provenance business Happerley’s plans to create an epicentre of food transparency in England has been a long time coming.

A novel mix

Consumers have a thirst for novelty and drinks companies are scrambling to slake it.

Well, well, well

Now that wellness has made the transition from idealistic to realistic, and has ingrained itself as an option for consumers’ well-being, companies are seeing this translate into noticeable effects on their bottom line.

It’s not an east-west thing

European Union scientists have found no evidence of an east-west divide in the bloc’s food quality after eastern countries claimed their consumers were being short changed.

Power of free

Free From Functional & Health Ingredients (FFF&HI) broke records when it welcomed more than 7,800 key buyers and decision-makers to Barcelona from 28 to 29 May.

Runner beans

I’m writing this on a very wet and windy Monday evening wondering what happened at the weekend.

Binning the rhetoric

Waitrose’s invite to shoppers to use their own containers when in-store is the latest unveiling of an environmentally conscious shopping initiative.

The appliance of science

Science and technology – we can’t knock it. Food manufacturers have found it helps them produce more efficiently at a time when the world’s population is growing.

Bigger than the plate

It’s very apt that the V&A’s food exhibition Bigger than the plate takes place at a time when Britons are becoming more conscious of what they eat, and the packaging in which food is presented.

Out of this world

The news that a lab in Georgia is mimicking growing wine on Mars is welcome.

Waste – everyone’s plate is full

We have a methodology, now all we need is commitment (and creativity) above and beyond. The EU has set out ways to measure food waste and aims to support member states quantify waste levels at each stage of the supply chain.