Editor’s Christmas half dozen

It’s always challenging to pick through all the great end-products that we receive information on. Quite frankly, there are usually a lot of great products left on the table. So, we’re creating an Editor’s half dozen list of end-products we believe sum up Christmas 2021.

Nosing ahead

Researchers will use innovative technologies and flavour chemistry to help food manufacturers develop new sustainable products to entice consumers.

Far from copping out

People are making more informed choices, and are aware of how these decisions impact the planet but what goes unnoticed is how much the food and beverage industry does to fix food systems.

Eating with our eyes

The latest food trends from Waitrose are closely tied to how Britain has become a nation of homebodies, as we have fallen back in love with our homes and rediscovered the joy of dinner parties. According to the annual Waitrose Food & Drink Report, even though we are allowed to socialise once again, the country is embracing staying at home and entertaining.

Fibre providers

A feasibility study marks the beginning of an important step towards finding a sustainable, bio-based alternative for the production of adipic acid.

Mindful power

As we emerge from the pandemic, health and wellness has become more widely recognised in the mainstream, encouraging consumers to be more proactive and purposeful with their food and beverage choices. Growing awareness about health generally has risen – and with it alcohol’s effects on the quality of life has spurred mindful drinking in recent […]

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Fuel mania

The blame game is back as this week the UK is in a frenzy about its current fuel shortages, but pointing fingers could only exacerbate the problem.

Balance of flour

The news that folic acid is to be added to UK flour to help prevent spinal birth defects in babies is welcome. Adding folic acid to flour could prevent up to 200 birth defects a year.


Leader of the pack

A Sugar and Calorie Reduction Network, announced by chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty will launch in spring 2022 and be led by the UK.

Plant based balance

Saturation of the phrase plant based puts it at risk of it losing some of its better-for-you significance with consumers, but all’s not lost asserts the market research firm Mintel.

Shortage bomb

Even before the delta variant started spreading and Brexit, there were issues that have impacted our current shortage problems in the UK.

Rogues calorie

In assessing the healthiness of product portfolios using food sales and nutrient composition data, new research shines a spotlight on changes over time in the nutritional quality of food and drink products from the UKs largest food and beverage companies.

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