Shortage bomb

Even before the delta variant started spreading and Brexit, there were issues that have impacted our current shortage problems in the UK.

Rogues calorie

In assessing the healthiness of product portfolios using food sales and nutrient composition data, new research shines a spotlight on changes over time in the nutritional quality of food and drink products from the UKs largest food and beverage companies.

Grievous policy harm

If not checked, forthcoming government policies passed on directly to consumers would increase the price of food and drink shopping per household by more than £160/year.

Roadmap and conquer

The FoodDrinkEurope commissioned roadmap on decarbonisation assesses the climate impact of the European food and drink manufacturing sector and sets out some of the available pathways for decarbonisation.

Sustainable minds

My plate has been piled high lately with the main dish being sustainability, the sides are changes consumers want to see in the world, and the ingredients are actions industry can take. The articles cooked up for me relate to food, nutrition, and the environment. Whether you’re interested in seeing a shift in the way […]

Aussie rules

The trade deal is a chance post-Brexit to establish lines of communication among consumers, farmers and food retailers.

Carbon call

The failure to deal with carbon emissions has incurred a vast debt that will now have to be repaid with interest. Will a carbon food tax happen?


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