Reducing plastic one package at a time

Diageo is the latest manufacturer to abandon plastic rings on its multipacks, opting for cardboard packaging instead as part of a £16 million initiative. The packs will be introduced in Ireland before rolling out across the UK and the rest of the world next year. Diageo says under 5% of its total packaging is plastic and the changes will reduce plastic use by over 400 tonnes annually.

This is all part of the global drive to reduce plastic packaging throughout the food and drink industry. Diageo for its part has been working on sustainability and packaging reduction, with a drive to increase recycled content to 45%, while reducing total packaging weight by 15%. The goal is to make 100% of its packaging recyclable and reusable, and so far, recycled content has increase by 40.5%, while packaging weight has dropped by 9.4% since its 2009 baseline. Recyclability of the company’s packaging has also increased by 98.7% since 2009, Diageo notes on its website.

Hopefully other brands will start to take note and follow suit, and eventually stories of turtles, seabirds and the like getting stuck in plastic rings will be a thing of the past.

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