Strengthening minds

Strengthening minds

Clean labelling and transparency are coming to the forefront of manufacturer’s minds as the more
conscious millennial and Generation Z consumers accumulate buying power and assert a greater influence on market trends…

Consumers want to know exactly what is in the food and beverages they buy and they are placing a higher value on the health and environmental impacts of the products they choose to spend their money on.

Evidence of this comes from the rise of various health challenges throughout the year, including Dry-January, Veganuary and Sugar Free Feb to name just a few.

Consumers aren’t simply demanding healthier and more natural ingredients, they also want transparency and trust from the brands they purchase from. A US study by Label Insight [1] found that 37% of consumers would happily switch to a new brand they believed to be more transparent and honest regarding their ingredients and production processes.

What can manufacturers do to meet the needs set out by the new consumer?

Packaging and labelling is a key place to start; valuable transparency can be added through simple label changes such as clearly highlighting allergens, gluten free/vegan friendly information, easily pronounceable and recognisable ingredients, sugar content and so on.

With the increase in self-improvement trends and the health challenges mentioned above it is important that your product labels tick all the boxes to keep you ahead of the competition. The increased trust that comes from highlighting these key ingredients and allergens will actively strengthen your brand loyalty and reputation in a media driven age.

This shift in cultural consciousness means manufacturers need to stay up to date with their labelling, but this doesn’t have to mean a full packaging overhaul. Utilising intelligent coding and labelling design software gives manufacturers the ability to highlight this information, for example ingredients, allergens and sugar content without the need for downtime and costly re-branding.

If you’d like to discuss your coding and labelling requirements with an expert, contact Clearmark Solutions today. Used across all ICE coders and labellers, CLARiSOFT label design software makes professional label design straight forward with a drag and drop editing tool to insert multiple field types including text, date and time, barcodes, graphics and shapes.

Highlighting allergen information in ingredients is simple by selecting bold, underline or italicise to comply with EU allergen labelling regulations. The powerful print preview function allows a final review before printing to avoid time and waste due to errors.

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