Enjoy Kopparberg Black at home in 5litre KopparKeg

Kopparberg has introduced its premium draught variant, Kopparberg Black in an exclusive ‘KopparKeg’ format, for a limited time only.

Providing five litres (8.7 pints) of the cider brand’s new variant which infuses apple cider with blackcurrant and blackberry, this limited edition KopparKeg offers consumers the perfect opportunity to enjoy Kopparberg Black in their homes.

Rob Salvesen, senior marketing manager at Kopparberg said: “Kopparberg Black has proven hugely popular this year, so we thought it was only fitting to make it available to consumers to enjoy everywhere for the festive period. Around this time, when socialising occasions with friends and family are at an all-time high, we’re excited we can provide a way for Kopparberg drinkers to enjoy the delicious taste of Kopparberg Black in their own homes.”

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