SternVitamin presents ‘better for you’- concepts at FiE

At this year’s Fi Europe in Paris, SternVitamin is showing how manufacturers of nutritional supplements, beverages and foods can generate additional growth with special concepts. As exemplified by its new SternGut premix for gut health, this company specialises in custom vitamin and mineral premixes that help manufacturers develop successful health and lifestyle concepts.

SternVitamin’s new product solution addresses the current ’good for your gut – good for you’ trend. It appeals to consumers in stressful life situations who want to do something good for their gut health in order to remain healthy and vigorous. SternGut supports the gut immune system and maintains the microbiota balance.

It contains combinations of vitamins D, C and E, trace elements selenium and zinc, and fibres with prebiotic and immune modulating properties. Thus, the premix meets the consumers’ requirement on  functional foods, beverages and nutritional supplements – according to a survey from GlobalData strengthening the immune system is the second most desired benefit that users expect of these products. The solution also plays to the ‘comeback of fibre’ driven by the public’s increasing health awareness.

Vitamin D has a protective effect on the immune system in the gut. Studies have shown that an adequate supply of vitamin D reduces the risk of respiratory tract infections. The yeast-derived fibre 1,3/1,6 beta glucan has been proven to improve gut immune defences, and reduces susceptibility to colds in stressful situations. The xylooligosaccharides in the premix are fibres with prebiotic properties that encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, again supporting the immune system. Vitamins E and C are familiar as antioxidants, while zinc helps maintain the balance of the immune system and reduces the risk of infection. The trace element selenium also plays an important role in immune defenses, and is needed for antioxidant enzyme systems.

At Fi Europe SternVitamin is presenting its new SternGut micronutrient premix as a nutritional supplement which can also be used for enriching foods and beverages. In addition to nutritional supplements, the company’s custom micronutrient premixes can be used in cereals, waters, snacks, dairy products, baked goods and confectionery and more. SternVitamin has also developed special premixes for enriching vegan foods. Fi Europe visitors can learn more about these concepts at booth 6D90.

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