Engineering specialist steps up to Coronavirus challenge with stainless steel solutions

Engineering specialist steps up to Coronavirus challenge with stainless steel solutions

Tech Projects has been working with its customers to provide hygienic and corrosion resistant equipment to enable businesses to comply with health and safety regulations, and social distancing and hygiene guidelines in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Tech Projects has designed a stainless steel mobile hand sanitising unit, which has been supplied to a number of food manufacturing operations, as well as other industrial facilities.

The unit is completely manufactured from stainless steel and has a flexible design so it can be supplied in any multiples of sanitisers required, catering for both high and low volumes of use at different times of demand.

All units have four swivel castors, with brakes for fixing into position, and are completely mobile allowing movement within the workspace. This provides flexibility and minimum downtime, as staff do not have to leave a workstation and instead are able to operate closely to the mobile sanitising unit, which can be moved to wherever it is needed. The design ensures it can also be chained securely through the frame to a barrier or fence if required.

Tech Projects has also applied its experience in stainless steel fabrication – and the design and manufacture of bespoke machine guards – to protect employees in food and beverage manufacturing with a number of screen solutions. These have been supplied to allow safe working and enable workers to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Screens have been supplied to four North East-based food manufacturers and a brewery in Birmingham to allow workers to operate safely side-by-side on the factory floor, while enabling operators to maintain visibility over the process. The screens have clear vision panels fitted for viewing, enabling employees to maintain safe working distances. The fabricated stainless steel screens also meet food hygiene standards.

Michael Donachie, general manager at Tech Projects commented: “I’m extremely proud of the Tech Projects team for their continued ability to  swiftly meet the changing needs of our customers.

“The food and beverage sector – and many other industries – are having to adapt quickly to how the Coronavirus pandemic has altered the working landscape. In turn, we are ensuring that we can support them by applying our specialist skills to rapidly design and manufacture new solutions.

“We are deeply embedded into the UK’s food processing industry, having supplied it with specialist conveyor systems and fabrication expertise for more than two decades, and  therefore have a real understanding of its practical needs.”

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