CSM Bakery Solutions gears up for Veganuary 2021

CSM Bakery Solutions gears up for Veganuary 2021

CSM Bakery Solutions is encouraging bakers to gear up for Veganuary 2021 and generate additional sales by creating a range of bakery products that appeal to all ages and tastes using its range of vegan friendly products.

The UK continues to be in the top two countries in Europe for vegan NPD with a wide-ranging target audience including vegans, flexitarians, vegetarians.

CSM’s range of vegan bakery ingredients can be used to bake a wide range of vegan products including doughnuts and pastries. The vegan friendly bakery ingredients include:

  • Arkady Multiseed Gold bread and rolls mix
  • Pearl Ultimate MB
  • Craigmillar Satin Doughnut Concentrate
  • Craigmillar Farmette cream alternative
  • Craigmillar White Wrap icing
  • Craigmillar Raspberry, Lemon and Vanilla RTY fillings
  • Marvello Cake Margarine
  • Marvello Clean Label Margarine
  • Flex AV Quarto Pastry margarine

Cristiana Ballarini, activation director West, South & International, from CSM Bakery Solutions said: “Vegan diets are on the rise in the UK, with 34% of consumers eating a vegan meal at least once a week. Interest in Veganuary is the perfect opportunity for bakers to produce a range of vegan products that are picture perfect, entice new and existing customers and showcase their skills.

“Our range of vegan products enable bakers to produce a range of high quality, popular products that meet customer demand.  It’s important to communicate the quality of the ingredients used to entice vegan as well as flexitarians and vegetarians and create a robust range of products across the board.

“Products such as Arkady’s Multiseed Gold is the perfect bread mix to use throughout Veganuary and the whole of the year as it contains linseed, sunflower seeds, oats and pumpkin seeds that produces tasty bread and rolls with a malty flavour, sweet taste, rich golden colour and plenty of visible seeds.

“We encourage bakers to advertise their vegan range straight after Christmas across social channels as well as instore promotions. From everyday indulgences to ‘food on the go’ there’s plenty of opportunity.”

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