Sponsored: Food and drink labelling: how Epson ColorWorks printers can support your business

Sponsored: Food and drink labelling: how Epson ColorWorks printers can support your business

The Epson C4000 colour label printer creates eye-catching labels that stand out from the competition on crowded shelves. Image credit: Epson

For businesses that operate in the food and drink industry, it is essential that their labelling solution supports them in creating high quality, informative and appealing labels that highlight branding, increase recognition and help consumers make informed purchases. Furthermore, it is vital that food and drink labels comply with important allergen and ingredient labelling regulations that exist to keep consumers safe and protect businesses.

The Epson ColorWorks on-demand, inkjet colour label printers offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to food and drink labelling, providing businesses with full control over their label printing requirements. Not only do Epson colour label printers create eye-catching food and drink labels that stand out from the competition on crowded shelves, the ColorWorks range also prints large amounts of information without compromising on quality or readability, even when small text is required.

The easy-to-operate printers produce large quantities of labels on-demand and offer businesses the flexibility to quickly respond to ingredient or regulation changes, while making the production of personalised labels simple and straightforward. Furthermore, in addition to reducing costs, improving workflows and offering high levels of durability to ensure labels remain legible, even when in refrigerated storage, Epson inks also comply with Food Contact Materials regulations, guaranteeing peace of mind for businesses.

The Epson ColorWorks colour label printers offer a variety of solutions to improve and streamline in-house label printing, supporting the production of labels for anything from packaged or prepared food items, bottles and artisan products, to promotional or price markdown requirements and labels designed for direct contact with food.

Northamptonshire based AM Labels Limited, an award-winning supplier of complete labelling solutions including manufacturing and warehouse automation, barcoding and RFID systems, stocks the full Epson ColorWorks range and is an Epson Gold Partner. The company offers unrivalled product knowledge, customer service and technical support, in addition to having a wealth of experience in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes operating in the food and drink industry, including manufacturers, retailers and artisan companies.

Regulations concerning the way in which food is packaged and labelled is a key concern for companies in the food and drink industry, particularly since the introduction of Natasha’s Law in October 2021. Natasha’s Law requires companies to clearly display all ingredients and allergens on foods that are pre-packed for direct sale on the premises, while requiring allergens to be emphasised, such as in bold or italics, and also adhering to minimum font size requirements.

More recently, mandatory calorie labelling was introduced in April 2022, requiring businesses to display calorie counts on non-prepacked food and soft drinks clearly and prominently at the point of choice, including on menus, food labels and delivery platforms. Businesses must now include the energy content of the item and the size of the portion that the calorie information relates to, as well as a statement on the recommended daily calorie allowance. AM Labels offers a range of solutions, including the Epson ColorWorks range of printers, to support businesses in creating fully compliant food and drink labels.

Sponsored: Food and drink labelling: how Epson ColorWorks printers can support your business

The entry level Epson C4000 colour label printer is compact and intuitive
Image credit: Epson

Included in the Epson ColorWorks range is the C4000 colour label printer, an entry level model that is ideal for small to mid-volume labelling requirements. Available in either a gloss ink or matte ink model, the compact printer benefits from print speeds of up to four inches per second and improved colour matching functionality, ensuring labels stand out at the point of sale. Furthermore, the 1200 x 1200 dpi C4000 also offers enhanced wireless connectivity, including the option to print via a tablet, which is ideal for in-store personalisation.

With individual pigment ink cartridges for fast-drying labels with increased durability, the C4000 Series can also produce smudge, water and fade resistant labels. The matte ink model (CW-C4000eMK) is ideal for creating crisp, vibrant coloured labels on matte media, either paper or synthetic, with the added benefit of printing darker black text and images. Alternatively, the gloss ink model (CW-C4000eBK) can print high quality labels with a gloss finish.

For high-volume food and drink labelling requirements, the Epson C7500 is an industrial colour label printer that combines a four inch print width with speeds of 12 inches per second. The 1200 x 600 dpi C7500 produces vibrant and durable labels with crisp, clear text. This compact yet robust printer ensures that businesses have the flexibility to respond in a timely manner, and with ease, to the changing demands of the marketplace, while eliminating the need to stock large quantities of pre-printed labels. Furthermore, the C7500 supports the production of personalised, eye-catching labels at a low cost per print, while saving time and money on outsourcing label production.

Sponsored: Food and drink labelling: how Epson ColorWorks printers can support your business

The Epson ColorWorks C7500 colour label printer is ideal for high-volume food and drink labelling requirements
Image credit: Epson

The Epson ColorWorks range, which ensures companies operating in the food and drink industry can find a suitable model to meet their needs, requirements and budget, also includes the low cost, compact and easy-to-use C3500 colour label printer. Additional models available in the ColorWorks range are the C6000, a cost effective printer designed to open up new opportunities for businesses, and the C6500, offering the same benefits as the C6000 model, with the added advantage of an eight inch print width.

AM Labels received the prestigious Epson ColorWorks Partner of the Year Award for the second consecutive year in 2022. In addition to being an Epson Gold Partner, AM Labels offers free printed label samples and product demonstrations across the entire Epson ColorWorks range at its new Technical Experience Centre.

AM Labels will soon be hosting an Epson open day at its new Technical Experience Centre, where visitors will be invited to experience and trial the full ColorWorks range of on-demand colour label printers, alongside innovative robotic print and apply solutions offered by the Epson SCARA robot. For more information and to register your interest for the Epson open day, please visit: www.amlabels.co.uk/epson-open-day

For more information on the Epson ColorWorks range available from AM Labels, please call the sales team on 01536 414222 or email: sales@amlabels.co.uk

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