Applied Nutrition takes aim at Prime Hydration with electrolyte drink

Applied Nutrition has launched Body Fuel, its first electrolyte water sports drink that contains the optimum level of electrolytes.

Body Fuel is also  sugar free, contains fewer than five calories per serving and is batch tested by Informed Sport, making it safe for professional athletes to use.

Body Fuel will have significant support through a promotional video with its brand ambassador and, UFC superstar, Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett, who during his last week of training before his upcoming fight on the 10th December, will highlight some of what Applied Nutrition considers as sub-optimal ingredients in the much hyped Prime Hydration drink from Youtubers turned boxers Logan Paul and KSI.

In the video Pimblett also took the opportunity to take several not too subtle swipes at Paul and his brother Jake, further stoking a rivalry that’s seen the pair challenging the UFC fighter on several occasions.

In the short video comparing Prime Hydration to Body Fuel, Pimblett highlights the fact that Body Fuel contains zero sugar, is only five calories per serving, and in a market where sports drinks are claiming ever higher numbers of electrolytes per serving, he explains Body Fuel has the optimum blend of electrolytes for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Gareth Powell, Applied Nutrition’s head of product development said sports drinks containing electrolytes minerals are a convenient way for people to stay hydrated and replenish the electrolytes they lose through sweat while exercising.

“These minerals are important for keeping the body hydrated, controlling the body’s nervous system and optimising muscle function, while balancing the body’s acidic and basic (pH) levels.

“That said, we have seen a worrying trend of sports drinks boasting ever higher levels of single electrolytes in an effort to convince consumers the more electrolytes, the better the product, but in reality this isn’t the case.

“While replacing electrolytes is crucial during exercise, the amount needed to be replaced and the range of minerals and phosphates contained in a replacement electrolyte drink depend on many factors such as a person’s size, what exercise they’re doing and how much they sweat.

“Simply overloading the body with a single electrolyte to avoid dehydration is the wrong approach and can be counterproductive, with potential health concerns.

Body Fuel is formulated with 665mg of electrolytes, from a multitude of sources, in levels that Applied Nutrition believes to be the optimum ratio needed to aid muscle function, rehydration and support most consumers in the widest variety of activities.

“In addition, Body Fuel is Informed Sport tested so it is safe for professional athletes, it is sugar free, less than five calories, contains anti-oxidant vitamins C&E, vitamin D and Zinc, a full panel of B-vitamins, and 250mg of BCAAs to support recovery – Body Fuel is designed to be the most complete hydration drink an active person needs while exercising.”

Applied Nutrition’s Body Fuel is available in Summer Fruits, Orange and Lemon and Lime flavours and can be purchased online at

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