Altopack develops a double square bottom bag for pasta

Altopack has created a double square bottom bag for long pasta shapes (linguine, spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine etc.) using the automatic packaging machine AOD ULTRA, which it claims is the reference point for long goods pasta packaging.

The bag has an elegant and clean shape which allows it to be displayed like a case even on the edge on the shelf.

This kind of bag allows printing on all sides of the package and gives more visibility such that a name, product, logo of a brand and nutritional values are shown clearly. The bag has very little visible welds and a specific welding process takes place via ultrasound.

Altopack said its patent guarantees the absence of fragments inside cross welding and provides a perfectly hermetic seal. The packaging manufacturer also added that it can reduce the quantity of film quantity required for a bag. Ultrasonic sealing allows energy saving equal to 75% compared to more traditional solutions allowing a complete removal of film waste. These characteristics lead to a noticeable reduction of the production costs and energy plus material saving guaranteeing a greater environmental sustainability.

Altopack calculates that using AOD ULTRA saves approximately 100 tons of CO2 per year.

Companies that use this specific solution for packing their own products include Panzani, who is located in France, is a specialist in pasta packaging, and a leader in the French market. Panzani and Altopack have worked together since 2019.

Altopack’s portfolio extends beyond the borders of Europe and the AOD ULTRA packaging machines are already in countries such as Algeria, and Iran.

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