EPP rises to the challenge at wholesale bakery with MIWE oven

European Process Plant has installed six large MIWE rack ovens at a major UK wholesale bakery to deliver enhanced performance and energy efficiency. The business delivers more than a million loaves every day of the week throughout the UK and Ireland.

The bakery sought to replace all of its existing rack ovens, which had become outdated after many years of use. Having first worked with EPP in 1997 when they needed a roll plant, it reached out once again to see if European Process Plant (EPP) could provide a suitable solution. The bakery opted to invest in six MIWE roll-in e+ large rack ovens. EPP is the exclusive supplier of MIWE products in the UK and Ireland.

“The installation delivered greater line efficiencies, capability, throughput and quality,” says Stewart Morris, sales director, EPP. “As costs increase for both ingredients and utilities, the importance of energy consumption is even more pressing than ever, and MIWE is a constant innovator and a leading brand in energy efficient baking, ensuring that products are baked with minimal heating time. To be involved with a hugely successful baker is a fantastic coup for EPP. It’s perhaps even more pleasing to see that we have been able to maintain a strong working relationship with them for many years, demonstrating that we have been able to adapt to the changes in the market to continue to provide solutions for them.”

The installation was completed in April 2022. Among the energy-saving features of the new ovens, MIWE air control guarantees excellent crusts at temperatures up to 15C lower than normal ovens, with adjustable hermetic seals to keep steam and heat in the oven. It also offers an enhanced touch screen control system. The roll-in e+ can generate savings of 10-15% over comparable models, and even more when compared to older rack ovens.

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