Two new versions of the plant-based oat protein concentrate PrOatein

PrOatein Fine and PrOatein Organic are the latest additions to Lantmännen’s oat ingredients portfolio, which also includes the PromOat family of oat beta-glucan ingredients.

PrOatein oat protein is a natural and unique plant-based protein concentrate, based on Swedish non-GMO oats, that meet the fast-growing consumer demand for nutritious, protein-enriched foods and beverages, as well as food supplements. It can be used to boost the protein content of a wide range of applications, including bread, cookies, biscuits, pasta, dairy alternatives and lifestyle nutrition products.

In meat analogues, PrOatein enhances the texture, flavour, and amino-acid profile of legume-based TVP products. The protein concentrate works especially well in combination with pea protein.

PrOatein Organic is produced via a natural process from organic oats. It is an alternative or complement to other plant-based protein sources and can be used to boost the protein content of a wide range of organic applications.

PrOatein Fine is specially developed to be used in applications where mouthfeel is of importance, such as dairy alternatives, plant-based beverages and lifestyle nutrition. The protein levels are equal to conventional PrOatein, only PrOatein Fine has a smaller particle size – resulting in a smoother mouthfeel.

“We are very pleased to be able to answer to the increasing global demand for organic ingredients with this launch, since the marker of plant-based proteins and organic food is continuously growing year on year,” says Kristian Knutson, marketing & sales manager food ingredients.


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