Clutch Nutrition receives investment to become ‘world’s leading functional drink’

Clutch Nutrition receives investment to become 'world's leading functional drink'

After the investment in Løvens Hule, Jacob Risgaard, Rune Rønhave Laursen, Martin Kilic and Christian Arnstedt will now start building on Clutch Nutrition's national and international growth adventure.

Clutch Nutrition’s newly developed plant-based drink, which the company describes as nothing less than the world’s healthiest is to receive DKK 800,000 in an edition of on of Løvens Hule, led by Christian Arnstedt and Jacob Risgaard.

A Danish doctor, molecular biologist and nutritionist has spent three years developing Clutch Nutrition’s functional drink Clutch Mindset, which according to the producers, “does not have a single unhealthy ingredient in it”.

Clutch Mindset is based on healthy ingredients such as sage, green oats and green tea without caffeine, and in addition, the drink’s good calories come from the healthy and slowly absorbable carbohydrate Palatinose as well as dietary fibre from legumes.

The producers said the content of Clutch Mindset helps to stabilise blood sugar, ensure improved productivity over several hours, increase the ability to concentrate and reduce stress in the body, compared to classic energy drinks.

Clutch Nutrition has already won several international awards for their invention and today sells its products to more than 600 stores and a large number of private companies, consultancies, medical practices, etc. The investment in Løvens Hule, where Christian Arnstedt bought 15 per cent of the company for DKK 600,000, and Jacob Risgaard five percent for DKK 200,000, will help maintain both a national and international momentum in the young company.

“We want to prove that it is possible to create a commercial success where nutritional and health professional skills are used as a guide for the development of the food of the future,” said co-founder and CMO Martin Kilic, who together with the rest of the team and nutritionist Søren Michael Lange has studied each ingredient in a number of clinical studies that together have resulted in the world’s healthiest drink.

“We were born as a health-tech company and have had a very scientific basis for the development of Clutch Nutrition. We have never compromised on any level, neither in terms of ingredients nor in terms of health and business ambitions, and this means that we have always dared to become a large, international player in the field of health-promoting beverages.

“Both Jacob Risgaard and Christian Arnstedt bring a huge amount of experience, which we can use in the future when we further develop the company and kick open the doors to export markets,” commented CEO and co-founder of Clutch Nutrition, molecular biologist Rune Rønhave Laursen, who also has his wife, doctor Janni Møller in the development team.

Previous US studies show that 40 per cent of people eat some form of dietary supplement to boost their mental and cognitive performance. In addition, it is a growing trend that as many as 70 per cent prefer to prevent a healthy body rather than treat when the defects or mental fatigue have occurred. Likewise, a wide range of societal trends work for a beverage like Clutch Mindset. For example, there is a greatly increased awareness among consumers of healthy eating, which must not only taste good, but also be cleansed of artificial dyes, additives and flavours. Clutch Nutrition has achieved all this in one and the same drink.

The team at Clutch Nutrition said it has “done everything right” and has taken a scientific approach down to the smallest detail.

“It will be a real pleasure to help activate some of the competencies that both Jacob and I have in our support base, and I feel confident that we have the basis for a huge international success within a few years,” said Christian Arnstedt, founder of Blazar Capital, which together with Jacob Risgaard and CoolGroup now owns 20 per cent of Clutch Nutrition.


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