DKSH and Döhler in exclusive agreement to distribute pectins and fruit fibres

DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials and Döhler’s Texturants business unit have entered into an exclusive collaboration to distribute, market, and provide logistics of pectins, fruit fibres, and fruit powders for the food industry in Switzerland and Austria.

Among other products, Döhler develops pectins, citrus and apple fibres, texturising fruit powders, and other natural ingredients. These products are used in various foods, such as yogurts, jams, baked goods, meat products, and smoothies. Döhler’s pectins and fibres are made from natural raw materials, contain no additives, and are therefore ideally suited for formulations that do not have any E numbers. The company is accredited with international certifications to guarantee the highest food safety standards for all products.

The cooperation with DKSH enables Döhler to market and expand the texturants segment in Switzerland and Austria. DKSH will also provide technical expertise to Döhler via its Food & Beverage Ingredients team in Zurich.

Döhler Group commented: “The cooperation with DKSH Switzerland enables our customers to have quick access and service support in the field of texturants. In this way, they benefit from natural and innovative products as well as DKSH’s combined expertise and experience in the broad range of applications.”

Sandro Meier, general manager performance materials, DKSH Switzerland, added: “Thanks to the cooperation with Döhler, we can offer our customers specific solutions in a wide variety of food applications. Our large customer base in Switzerland and Austria will immediately benefit from the combined efforts of Döhler, as an experienced partner, and DKSH, as an expert in the field of food fibers and solutions.”

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