Rachelli launches premium tiramisu

Rachelli is bringing the sweet authenticity and craftsmanship of its Italian desserts to UK consumers from the 26th April, under a new UK specific brand identity.

Launching in over 160 Waitrose stores, Rachelli will introduce two chilled variants and has the ambition of replicating its success on the continent by becoming the go-to premium Italian dessert choice in the UK.

Capitalising on  the growing market for at-home meal occasions, Rachelli is positioned to serve as the perfect trade-up option for ultimate indulgence and shared celebratory moments. The brand also responds to the trend for Italian food and culture in the UK that continues to soar, with Italian food being the UK’s favourite cuisine and the most frequently consumed dinner, making up 11.2% of total meal occasions in 2021. The brand said it will tap into this rising demand by offering consumers an authentic taste of of Italian indulgence, something it believes is currently underserved in major retailers.

Started in 1935 as a family-owned pasticceria in Milan, the brand has a rich history creating luxury homemade desserts. UK consumers will experience the genuine taste, quality ingredients and generous spirit of every hand-finished dessert.

Amanda Burningham, head of marketing – desserts at EMMI UK, says with so much demand for Italian culture and cuisine in the UK, and with more people entertaining at home, now is the perfect time for Rachelli to enter the UK’s growing chilled dessert market.

“Rachelli is an exceptional offering, combining its authentic Italian heritage – and the craftsmanship this affords – with best-quality Italian ingredients to create deliciously indulgent, convenient desserts, which we hope will be a surefire winner with consumers,” Burningham adds.

The two new SKUs will be available in twin packs of 2 x 90g portions and are available in the below flavours:

  • Tiramisu Classico (RRP £4.75), with 100% Arabica coffee, mascarpone cheese, Sardinian ladyfingers and Italian marsala wine

  • Tiramisu Amaretto (RRP £4.75) with Amaretti biscuits, Mascarpone cheese, Sardinian ladyfingers and Italian Amaretto liqueur

The desserts are presented in premium, sustainable packaging that highlight the heritage and quality of the brand. From hand-drawn characters evoking a nostalgic play on these much-loved flavours to a phonetic description showing the correct pronunciation and meaning of tiramisu; even the branded glass cup nods to the experience of an authentic Italian pasticceria. In line with the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients, all elements are also 100% recyclable.

Amanda Burningham continues: “Understandably consumers are worried about the rising cost of living, so they are looking to create more meaningful mealtime occasions at home that make them feel like they are dining out. The Rachelli range of premium and authentic desserts is ideally placed to elevate a moment at home with friends and family with the spirit of generous hospitality that Italy is so beloved for.”

To achieve the goal of becoming the UK’s go-to premium Italian chilled desserts brand for millions of shoppers, the company has set out a two-year rollout plan to grow the brand. It will introduce new innovations and formats which will reinvigorate the fresh dessert category, attempting to reignite excitement around heritage recipes with a contemporary twist.

The launch will be supported by a marketing campaign targeting ABC1 consumers who love to discover quality food and new flavour experiences, with a particular focus on Waitrose shoppers. ATL activity is set to involve OOH media close to Waitrose outlets where stocked, print advertisements in Waitrose media titles alongside sampling and coupons in-store, all underlined by a paid social media campaign with geo-targeted ads. The ad creative, developed by creative ventures company And Rising, draws from the packaging’s whimsical illustrative look with a modern art deco style for a strikingly beautiful visual. It showcases the desserts front and centre, encouraging consumers to enjoy “A Spoonful of Italy” via assets as lovingly crafted as the desserts themselves. Meanwhile, BTL includes a new localised version of the website, dedicated social media channels alongside PR.

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