Colpac widens packaging usage of Stagione range

Building on the success of its award-winning Stagione range, Colpac has added PE coated pots and extended usage for its popular PP products to include ovenability.

Coplac notes that market demand has provided the opportunity for additional products, while adhering to robust manufacturing standards and testing protocols such that the Stagione range has a multitude of uses and is recyclable in line with UK and European guidelines.

New Stagione PE coated pots offer an alternative specification for customers that do not require the reheating functionality of Colpac’s PP coated Stagione. Colpac’s considered design approach addresses the lightweighting of products. Stagione PE coated pots benefit from this, improving transport efficiency. In addition, the lighter material allows Colpac to offer these products to customers at a lower cost.

The Stagione PE coated pots are available in 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml, all of which are suitable for instant serve, hot hold, chilled, and delivered food. Their PE coating provides a grease resistant barrier to a multitude of dishes. For those requiring a higher specification barrier for oily and acidic food, Colpac’s PP coated Stagione pots are available.

Multiple lid options make these products extremely versatile. The paperboard PE lined lid is single skinned, adding to the lightweighting of this range. Self-venting tabs make the lid suitable for chilled, hot, and delivered food. The rPET lid has an anti-mist coating for clarity in chilled display. Both lids fit all three sizes of PE coated Stagione, reducing SKU counts for distributors and retailers.

To address a market seeking a wider range of applications as food packaging functionality requirements continue to increase, Colpac has expanded the usages of its PP coated Stagione products.

Stagione PP coated pots are now certified for oven reheating, as well as being suitable for microwave reheating and display in hot hold cabinets. The range has been certified for specific oven parameters and ovenability must be tested by customers with specific food types.

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