Mettler-Toledo redesigns C2 high-load checkweighing portfolio to improve productivity

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has redesigned its C2 High-load Checkweighing portfolio, capable of weighing heavy loads of up to 35kg.

The portfolio is positioned to help manufacturers combat rising costs, plus increase reliability and serviceability.

This mechanical re-engineering applies to the Mettler-Toledo C21 StandardLine and C23 PlusLine checkweighing systems for precision weighing and completeness checks of packaged food.

The primary objective behind the redesign is to boost productivity for manufacturers, and to better address the specific requirements of those seeking robust, reliable and cost-effective checkweighing solutions for heavy loads. C2 High-load checkweighers are typically installed at the end of the production line, where they perform quality assurance operations such as case completeness checks by verifying the presence of the correct number of bottles in a case. This addresses machine reliability and cost-effectiveness, which are key concerns for manufacturers, says Mettler-Toledo.

“We are very excited to be announcing our redesigned C2 Checkweighing portfolio, which sets a higher degree of precision and efficiency in high load checkweighing. With enhanced accuracy and improved user-friendly features, the C2 series allows seamless integration into production lines while delivering reliable and consistent weight measurement,” said Dirk Bettels, senior project manager at Mettler-Toledo. “We believe this enhancement shows our commitment to continuous innovation and providing our customers with the most advanced checkweighing solutions in the industry.”

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