Frozen cocktails set to be the hottest trending drink this summer, research shows

Alcoholic slushies are set to be the nation’s hottest trending drink this summer, with one in four Brits (24%) naming the refreshing twist on classic cocktails as their number one boozy beverage for the coming months.

The study, conducted by Paragon Brands, revealed one-third of the nation (34%) would now opt for a frozen cocktail over a traditional alternative, with more than six in ten (61%) saying a frozen alternative is more refreshing than a normal cocktail.

The trend has grown significantly in the past few years, with nearly three in ten (28%) UK consumers saying they are more likely to drink a frozen cocktail now than they were two years ago.

In line with current demand, Paragon Brands is offering a free slushie machine and free mix each month for licensed establishments across the UK and have launched three new frozen cocktails in partnership with Halos Cocktails.

The first, June Peach Punch, is made with the June Wild Peach, while the Pusser’s Frozen Painkiller, consists of a delightful blend of Pusser’s Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and cream of coconut. The June Watermelon Crush takes advantage of a similar surging interest in Watermelon flavoured drinks.

A slushy is a take on a traditional drink that’s almost completely frozen to create a refreshing texture. The frozen cocktails made by Paragon Brands rely on a specially formulated mix made by Halos that give the drinks a smooth, rich texture.

Alcoholic varieties of the drink are now a staple in many cocktail bars, with the beverage anticipated to experience its biggest boom yet this summer.

The younger generations in particular are behind the sudden surge in popularity, with nearly half of Gen Zers (47%) saying alcoholic slushies are their favourite summer drink and three quarters (74%) preferring this style of cocktail over a traditional one.

June by G’Vine is the signature fruity spirit from G’Vine, a world-leading super-premium ginbrand, made using Ugni Blanc grapes in the heart of cognac.

Pusser’s Rum is a traditional navy style rum, being the only rum blended in exact accordance with the Royal Navy specifications, last used when it discontinued the daily rum ration on July 31, 1970.

Chris Jones, managing director of Paragon Brands, said: “Our survey shows that Brits can’t get enough of frozen cocktails right now, so we’re sure they’ll be a huge hit with consumers.”

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