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Research into consumers’ daily nutrient purchases

Market research company Euromonitor International has examined the amount of nutrients purchased per person per day through packaged food and soft drinks products. The data tracks energy, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt, protein and fibre in 54 countries globally. According to the research, the world buys 1.5 trillion calories a day, with the average […]

Wholegrain and fibre content tops ‘healthy cereal’ claims

Three quarters of the breakfast cereal launches recorded by Innova Market Insights over the 12 months to the end of October 2014 had a health positioning of some kind. “There is a growing interest in products featuring a more general health or multi-benefit positioning, running alongside the wide range of health benefits now associated with […]


Innovation themes for juice

A new report on juice drink innovation from specialist food and drink consultancy Zenith International has highlighted nine themes driving new product development and innovation worldwide: functionality, low sugar/calorie, child orientated, new flavour/variety, origin and provenance, limited edition, innovative packaging, new proposition/concept and cross category. The report covers 100% fruit juice, 24-99% juice content nectars […]

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Fanta Frozen comes to Europe

The Coca-Cola Company will roll out the global brand Fanta in a frozen carbonated format in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Denmark initially, with the support of European frozen drinks expert Slush Puppie. Further countries will follow at a later stage. Fanta sits among the biggest beverage brands in the world and Fanta Frozen […]

Chilled coffee market gathers NPD momentum

Ready to drink (RTD) or iced coffee has been seeing a period of strong product and market activity in recent years. It remains one of the smallest sectors of the soft drinks market in terms of new product activity, accounting for just over 4.2% of global launches recorded by Innova Market Insights in the 12 […]

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ADM to expand non-GMO lecithin production

Archer Daniels Midland Company is set to expand its production capacity of non-genetically modified lecithin. The firm will expand capacity at its soybean processing facility in Latur, India, and adding new rapeseed processing capabilities to its facility in Hamburg, Germany. Lecithin is an emulsifier that is used in a wide variety of food processing applications […]


Algatech expands production of AstaPure

Algatechnologies (Algatech) is set to expand its production capacity of AstaPure brand natural astaxanthin by more than 100% following an investment of $20 million in it facility in the Arava Desert, Israel. “The expansion will be executed in phases, with a substantial part to be completed in 2014,” says Hagai Stadler, CEO of Algatech.  “Part of the […]

Malt production to move into new markets?

Global beer producers are faced with a conundrum – on one hand, global beer production has shifted, with more beer being produced closer to new consumers in emerging markets where demand is growing at twice the rate of developed markets. On the other hand, agro-climatic circumstances limit where barley can be grown, with the bulk […]

Reclosable aluminium beer bottle opens by hand

Anheuser-Busch has launched a new reclosable aluminium bottle that is initially planned to be used for its Bud Light Platinum bottles in North America. The design of the 11.5oz aluminium bottle – which features a twist-off cap – provides for a tool-less opening. Meanwhile, the bottle itself is also more than 50% stronger than a […]

Fresh new markets for salads

The prepared salads market is moving from its traditional position as a side dish and into the main meal arena, according to new research. The trend, says Innova Market Insights, is as a result of more substantial protein ingredients – such as poultry or fish – and a wider range of convenient packaging formats. However, […]

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DSM hooks Canadian fish oil firm

DSM has revealed a deal to acquire Ocean Nutrition Canada for a total enterprise value of £336 million (€415m). Ocean Nutrition Canada is a supplier of fish-oil derived omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets. The company – founded in 1997 – is headquartered in Halifax, Nova […]


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