New raw material for pink/violet shades

Wild Flavours has introduced a new raw material as a source for the pink/violet shade – the purple sweet potato. With the purple sweet potato containing anthocyanin, Wild can now provide a broader range of purple shades to meet the food and beverages industries’ demand for natural colours. Wild is always looking for new resources […]

Fruit and vegetable powders offer clean-label indulgence

Naturex is to highlight sweet and savoury product applications that offer ‘permissible indulgence’, using its NAT F&V 100% fruit and vegetable powders at the forthcoming Food Ingredients Europe 2013. Made with no additives, and with no added sugar, Naturex’s 100% fruit and vegetable powders give food and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to tap into demand […]

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Boundaries pushed for snack packing speeds

Ishida Europe is introducing an enhancement to its Atlas range of snack food bagmakers which, the company says, will increase its already-high speeds on potato chips by a further 35% to 150 bags per minute, on a single packaging machine. The new Ishida Charge Transfer Control (CTC) system can be retrofitted to existing Atlas systems, […]

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AKP digs new potato facilities

State-of-the-art storage and grading facilities have been opened at UK potato processor AKP. The new facilities will, says the firm, enable it to meet increased demand for quality potatoes from customers including Morrisons, McCain and Linroyale. “We initially won funding towards the £2 million (€2.5m) storage facility from the Rural Development Programme for England back […]


Mixed results in acrylamide survey

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) says results from a recent study reveal an increase in acrylamide levels in certain baby foods. The study, which looked at levels of process contaminants acrylamide and furan in a range of UK foods, showed an upward trend in acrylamide levels in processed cereal-based baby foods (excluding rusks), but […]

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Sira-Flex boasts shelf life breakthrough

Shelf life extension of up to five days is the claim being made for fruit and vegetables packed in a new type of wrapping. According to Sirane, manufacturer of Sira-Flex Resolve, retail trials reported four additional days shelf life with potatoes, and equally significant results with other fruit and vegetables wrapped in the product. Sira-Flex […]

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Kitchen spend for Ulrick & Short

UK clean label ingredients firm Ulrick & Short has invested in new technical facilities and extended its development area. Based in West Yorkshire, the new test kitchen has been designed to deliver a more comprehensive and hands on experience for customers, and help fast-track development projects, and also solve any process problems more quickly than […]

Fresh food frozen out

Taste tests commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) have revealed that pub-goers could find ‘no obvious difference’ between fresh and frozen dishes. The research saw diners trying fresh and frozen versions of the same popular pub menu meals, including hunter’s chicken with mash, burger and chips, gammon and jacket potato, and fish and […]

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Organic produce not healthier or tastier, says consumer watchdog

The organic approach to gardening will not deliver healthier or more tasty produce, according to a leading UK consumer watchdog. The controversial study from Which? Gardening also claims that produce grown using modern artificial methods may well be better for you. The claims come after a two-year study which found that non-organic broccoli had significantly […]


EU approves natural antioxidant

Recent EU approval of rosemary extracts as safe, effective food preservatives will encourage many more food manufacturers to include the natural antioxidant in their products, predicts Danisco. “Although research has long since documented the antioxidant properties of our Guardian Rosemary Extract, the European Commission’s recent publication of new directives marks the first legal recognition of […]

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