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June 2011

Rising to the risk management challenge With allergen issues responsible for 60 per cent of all supermarket recalls, proper management is vital. Adjusting to new legislation Joy Hardings explores the complex key provisions of EU regulation 1334/2008. Closing the deal Closures play a large role in building brand loyalty, says Chris Ramsey, innovation manager at […]

May 2011

Waiting in the wings Abigail Birch, innovation manager of RSSL’s product and ingredient innovation division, ask whether European approval of stevia will open the door to other intense sweeteners. Room for improvement  John Holah and Alicja Malinowska, of Campden BRI, explain the pros and cons of whole room disinfection. No corner cutting for Müller Dairy […]

April 2011

Avoiding bad taste traumas Kathy Ridgeway, of the taints laboratory at RSSL, reveals why food manufacturers must be on their guard in order to protect both profits and reputation. Fresh new image for frozen food Stretched consumer products and targeted media campaigns mean frozen food is no longer getting a chilly reception. ‘The perception of […]

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