Popcorn put to the test

Achieving the perfect popcorn texture is now quicker and more consistent thanks to the launch of a new testing device by Stable Micro Systems.

The rig has been introduced to help popcorn manufacturers respond to booming global demand by rapidly developing diverse and interesting varieties. As well as dramatically reduced testing times and lower manpower requirements than sensory testing, the Triple Ring Cutting System is simple, accurate and objective, and requires only small sample sizes.

The test head comprises an arrangement of concentric rings, which provides a large cutting surface area in a relatively small device. This allows a monolayer of sample to be tested to an appropriate depth in a vessel only 95mm in diameter. During the test, the rings cut into the popcorn to a chosen distance above the vessel base, forcing the sample to break down.

The texture analyser measures and gathers force data, automatically calculating work of shear, brittleness, crispiness and crunchiness.

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