Kemin unveils new strategy and logo

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has unveiled its new global vision and logo to align the company strategically for 2042 and beyond.

In its previous strategy, laid out in 1998, Kemin aimed to reach 50% of the population with its products by 2019, a target it reached two years ahead of schedule. In its new vision, “Kemin strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80% of the world with our products and services”. It lays the groundwork for strategic growth and priorities for the company with operations on six continents and a portfolio of more than 500 specialty ingredients.

By 2042, the world’s population is predicted to reach approximately 10 billion people. For Kemin to reach 80% of the world’s population – approximately 8 billion –  with its products, a person must encounter Kemin products five times each day. From sunrise to sunset, a person may have eggs for breakfast, feed their pet, wear jeans, take a supplement and purchase bakery items or meat at the market – all opportunities that include Kemin ingredients.

“When we created our previous vision 20 years ago, it was ambitious and encompassed all aspects of our business. Since then, Kemin has grown ten-fold, and now the impact we can create is even greater,” said Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO, Kemin.

“By using our scientific expertise at the molecular level and continuing to innovate, we have the ability to be transformative on a global scale in a rapidly changing and growing marketplace. With a new vision to guide us, we are reenergised to reach more people with our products and services to truly transform the quality of life around the world.”

Along with this vision, the new Kemin logo reflects the company’s focus on future growth while respecting its history through a thoughtful evolution of the Kemin brand identity.

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