Humm Kombucha launches ‘category changing’ Humm Zero

Humm is tapping into the demand for natural drinks with the unveiling of the brand’s newest innovation, Humm Zero, a zero sugar, low calorie, shelf-stable kombucha.

In making the impossible, possible, Humm Zero was created in response to consumer demand for lower sugar options that don’t sacrifice great taste. While historically kombucha has had to be refrigerated to maintain its flavour, quality and live cultures, consumers can now enjoy the only U.S.-made zero-sugar, low calorie, shelf-stable kombucha due to Humm Zero’s proprietary fermentation process that removes all of the sugar, while creating a delicious drink with phenomenal health benefits.

The new category changing Humm Zero line utilises a combination of all-natural plant-based sweetener with over 2 billion probiotics to support gut health and B12 vitamins for an energy boost.

“A lot has gone into creating Humm Zero and we are so thrilled to finally share the finished product with the industry at Expo West,” said Jamie Danek, CEO and co-founder of Humm Kombucha.

“We’ve created something very special with Humm Zero that delivers the same signature quality, benefits and taste that our original kombucha is well-known for, while providing people with a zero-sugar, low calorie, refreshing beverage that will leave you feeling fantastic!”

Humm Zero is scheduled to hit store shelves this spring in 11 oz. sleek single serve cans with un-fizzing believable flavours including Peach Tea, Blood Orange, Ginger Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade.

Furthering Humm’s mission to create delicious good for you refreshment, this new line of refreshing zero-sugar, low calorie, shelf-stable kombucha will be sampled next week at Natural Products Expo West at booth #N1437.

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