ICA automatic double-clipper enters its fourth generation

ICA automatic double-clipper enters its fourth generation

Poly-clip System has introduced its new ICA automatic clipper featuring the iris separator for short, symmetrical sausage shoulders that results in more slices per sausage, thus a bigger yield.

In this class the ICA is the specialist for air-free slack filling of moulded products with overspreading up to 300mm. Ham products that are cooked in a square form using the cook-in principle can be securely clipped.

The ICA can process full muscle slicing stock in both plastic and fibrous casings in diameters up to 200mm.

Extra production increase can be achieved with the IFC interface for communication between a specific vacuum filler and the double-clipper. This allows food manufacturers production safety and additional increases of up to 10%.

The ICA offers automatic central lubrication and no product smearing, because it offers a swivel brake with a crown filling horn, for high product quality with very good cost-effectiveness.

The ICA’s flexible PC control safety touch corresponds to the very latest state-of-the-art standards. To simplify operation, reduce operating mistakes and make product changes even faster, the machine’s settings can be saved as product parameters.

Continuous production is offered when ICA is combined with TSA, processing rolls of film up to 3,000m instead of shirred casings and freeing workers to focus on higher value work.

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