Yeo Valley releases new Super Thick Kerned Yogurt

Yeo Valley releases new Super Thick Kerned Yogurt

Yeo Valley has launched its thickest yogurt ever, kerned in Somerset and in 100% recycled and recyclable pots. Kerned is an old Somerset word – it means thickened.

The Super Thick Kerned Yogurt is naturally high in protein and low in sugar and fat due to the repeated straining process.

According to Yeo Valley, the process of making a ‘super thick’ organic yogurt range starts by heating up organic milk and adding a few spoonfuls of live cultures, which are then left to grow.

Yeo Valley said it uses a super fine sieve to start kerning to strain off the whey, and repeats this step until it is wonderfully thick; it can take up to nine times.

This process not only makes the yogurt thicker, it also boosts the protein and removes some of the lactose, which is the sugar found naturally in milk.

Available in two fat varieties, O% and 5%, the Super Thick Kerned Yogurt will join the firm’s range of organic yogurts.

Yeo Valley’s Super Thick Kerned Yogurt will be roll out across UK stores over the next two months for an RRP of £2.75 per 450g pot and £3.75 per 850g.

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3 responses to “Yeo Valley releases new Super Thick Kerned Yogurt”

  1. Elaine Fowler says:

    Is this new kerned thick yogurt by Yeo Vally a live yogurt. I know it had some cultures put in to help the process but dose this make it a live yogurt??

    • Alex Rivers says:

      Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m personally not an expert in this area but I believe by adding in the cultures and letting them grow, the yogurt would be considered live, but please contact Yeo Valley if you’d like more information on this subject:

      Many thanks,


  2. John Doe says:

    As per the tesco yes it contains live cultures.

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